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Established in 2013, My Site Plan is the first service of its kind and the #1 choice of 1000s of PROs and first-timers.


Hey there, I’m Lisa.

I’m the Customer Success Manager here at My Site Plan and with the support of my amazing team, we can solve almost any problem you could throw our way.

So, if you have questions, need a custom quote, or simply want to better understand how the whole, site plan and permitting process works, you can email or call us, and we’ll get you sorted.

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Site plan packages for your next project.

From the most basic plot plan to a fully detailed site plan, for residential and commercial projects, we have a site plan package to fit your requirements and budget.


This will sound like bragging, but…

…We are, without a doubt, the ultimate online site plan drafting company.

How can we make that bold claim? We could tell you it's our 10+ years in business. We could tell you it's the 65,000+ site plans we've delivered. We could tell you it's the 6,000+ five-star reviews, all real people, as our reviews are certified. We could tell you all that and more.

But the truth is, unlike the overseas knockoffs that pop up all the time, we created this service based on a problem we solved for ourselves. Over 20 years ago, our founder Ryan Crownholm's Class A General Engineering Contracting company pulled hundreds of permits a year, with each application needing a site plan. From that simple need, My Site Plan was born.

20+ Years of Experience

We’re the first online site plan drafting company of its kind. Plus, we’ve got 20+ years of experience.

65,000+ Site Plans

We’ve delivered more site plans than every other online drafting company combined.

Friendly Support

Our customer service is headed out of Broncos Country, that’s Denver for everyone outside the 303.

Certified Drafters

Every one of our dafters are Drafterra Certified, ensuring they meet the highest technical standards.

Money-back Guarantee

If your site plan isn’t accepted, we’ll make unlimited revisions. And if it’s still not accepted, you get your money back.

US-Based Company

We’re US-based and veteran-owned. The knockoff site plan companies that copy everything we do can't make that claim.


Loved by thousands of homeowners, contractors, and property managers.

We’ll just let our customers do the talking for us.


Site Plans approved in every county in every state*

*Except California… click here to find out why.


Residential and Commercial Site Plans for Every Project.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Ryan…

…And I’m the Founder of My Site Plan. If you’re a customer (or soon-to-be), I just wanted to thank you for trusting my company to do this work for you.

I opened My Site Plan in 2013, because, after 13 years of making site plans as a Class A General Engineering Contractor, I thought, “I built this system for my own business, maybe others could use it too?

”Now, 10+ years later we’ve created the most streamlined, customer-friendly process possible. Leave it to us. We’ll get drafting and you’ll get your permit.

Will my site plan be accepted for permitting?

If your building department will allow you to draw the plan for yourself then they will allow us to draw it for you. The most common reason for denying a building permit is lack of scale. Our plans are scaled and fully dimensioned. If you require a stamped plan by a surveyor, architect or engineer our plans will NOT be accepted. We are a drafting company and do not stamp or sign plans. Please verify this before placing your order.

If your plan is denied on the first attempt, please forward us the comments on why it was denied. We will make the necessary adjustments so that you can resubmit. If your SITE PLAN is denied for a second time for any other reason besides requiring a stamp, we can either make further adjustments as long as we are within scope or refund your money.

Is it possible to have someone come to my property?

We do not do site visits. All of our site plans are created remotely. If you require a site visit, you should call a local surveyor or architect.

How accurate are the site plans?

We use GIS data with aerial imagery to create our site plans. Geographic Information System (GIS) accuracy can vary depending on various factors, including but not limited to the quality of the input data, the accuracy of the spatial reference system used, and the precision of the analysis methods. Therefore, the results obtained from GIS should be used with caution and should not be solely relied upon for critical decision-making without verifying their accuracy through other means. Clients should always verify the dimensions. Any discrepancies should be marked on the plan and sent back to your designer and we will update the plan free of charge. Because we are reliant on third-party data and we do not visit the property we can not make any representations regarding accuracy.

Save time and money with My Site Plan.

If your building department DOES NOT require a Surveyor, Engineer, or Architect Stamp our plans are just what you need! This is not a Legal Survey, nor is it intended to be or replace a Legal Survey. We draw your plan so you don't have to.

Instead of physically visiting your location, we use satellite imagery, GIS information, county parcel maps, Client input (survey, sketch, ground measurements etc.), and other public information sources to deliver professional, scaled site plans. We are a great solution for anyone who doesn't have the time or ability to use complicated software to create their own plan.

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Amazing Service

Thank you for completing my site plan so quickly. The whole process was easy and the customer service and communication was excellent. I'd recommend My Site Plan.

Nancy K.