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US-Based Company

We’re the largest provider of site plans in the US.

65,000+ Site Plans

Our site plans have been accepted by permitting departments more times than any other provider.

20+ Years of Experience

We created our process 20 years ago and became the first site plan drafting company of its kind.


We’ve got the best team.

Every one of our drafters is Drafterra Certified, meaning they've met high standards in technical proficiency, professional conduct, and a people-first approach.

This certification ensures they're not only skilled in advanced drafting techniques and technologies but also excel in communication, problem-solving, and understanding client needs.

With Drafterra Certified drafters, you get a team that delivers high-quality site plans.


We’re veteran-owned.

With a business and economics degree and management experience across different fields, our founder, Ryan Crownholm, is backed by remarkable experiences. However, his time in service created a deep understanding that honesty, respect, and value are the greatest business principles one could develop. These principles have shaped our approach, team, and culture.


We’re fighting for your rights.

As of writing this, My Site Plan, every other remote site planning service, and even homeowners are not authorized to draw a site plan in the State of California.

But it wasn’t always this way. And that’s not how it works in the other 49 states. But in California, these new regulations turn a perfectly reasonable act like a homeowner grabbing a piece of paper, a pencil, and sketching their own site plan to submit for a permit - into an illegal act. Which bizarrely is in direct conflict with the building department’s directions to provide a non-certified site plan for simple permits. 

What changed? The Board of Surveyors has pressured the State of California to restrict remote drafters like us from providing cost-effective site plans. Instead, they insist you pay the big bucks to hire a full-service surveyor, all for the sake of protecting their members’ interests.

We have taken this ruling to court and are fighting on behalf of all American’s First Amendment rights.

Curious about our site plans, pricing and process?

We’ve got 3 site plan packages that can be tailored to fit your specific needs.


We work coast to coast.

We’ve drafted site plans for projects in every county across all 50 states. We also create site plans in Australia, Canada, the UK and much of Europe.

Thanks to our Drafterra Certified drafters, each skilled in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), and equipped with a solid understanding of relevant US building codes and zoning laws, we're well-prepared to create comprehensive site plans for any property, for nearly any purpose, in almost any location. 

We’ll make sure your site plan is accepted by your permitting department, no matter where you’re based.


Our experience is unmatched.

Our expertise comes from delivering tens of thousands of site plans over the past 10+ years. Even beyond that, My Site Plan came from a real-world need. Back in the mid-2000s, our founder Ryan Crownholm owned a Class A General Engineering Contracting company that required a site plan for each project.

Today, we turn that 20+ years of boots-on-the-ground experience into a streamlined, customer-centric process that ensures your project moves ahead quickly and hassle-free.


“Value” is our core value.

Our core value is, well, value. Our team firmly believes that in business, you must give more than you get.  So we work to give you more bang for your buck.

Need proof? Start by reading our reviews. Or get in touch to find out for yourself.


This is what decades of hard work, a few missteps, and constant improvement builds.

Our founder, Ryan Crownholm, is a testament to resilience and adaptability. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Ryan's journey began as a high school student working nights as a busboy and barback. This early job instilled in him the values of hard work and determination, which he carried into the military in air defense with the 1st infantry division where he was stationed in Germany and deployed to Bosnia as Operation Joint Endeavor.

After service, Ryan attended a junior college where his outstanding academic performance earned him a full scholarship to Saint Mary's College of California, where he earned a Business and Economics degree. St Mary’s is where he would learn what it takes to start his own business. And that he did, over and over again.

Driven by a passion for problem-solving, Ryan embarked on a series of successful businesses. He started with a world-class junk removal business called Hauling Pros, anticipating the need before 1-800-Got-Junk arrived. This was followed by electronic recycling centers and eventually a Demolition and a Class A General Engineering Contracting firm. Each venture was born out of a need within his own businesses, a testament to his ability to identify and solve problems.

And that's exactly why My Site Plan was born. Through these companies, making site plans became second nature to Ryan's team. They found innovative ways to develop professional site plans, remotely without having to visit the site.  And each site plan met or exceeded building departments standards for non-certified site plans. After that, the team looked for ways to expedite the process. Finally, after 13 years of creating site plans, he thought, "I built this system for my own business, maybe others could use it too.

"Now, 10+ years later, we've created the most streamlined, customer-friendly site plan drafting company possible to save you time and money on all your projects.


Loved by thousands of homeowners, contractors, and property managers.

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Amazing Service

Thank you for completing my site plan so quickly. The whole process was easy and the customer service and communication was excellent. I'd recommend My Site Plan.

Nancy K.