Top Deck Designs And Plans You Need To Check Out

Top Deck Designs And Plans You Need To Check Out

Building or improving a deck attached to your home can provide a space for endless enjoyment and possibilities. Creating a relaxing and versatile area is a great way.

You can use it for various activities and gatherings. The extra flat area provide many options for parties, outdoor meals, relaxation, and reading. It can become a favorite spot for you and your family to spend quality time together.

They can also enhance the overall appearance and value of your home. You can connect your home to your yard and nature by adding a deck in your backyard. You can do this using wood or other special materials, such as composite.

Decks are fantastic areas for entertaining as they provide the perfect space to dine or relax outside . They are also the perfect place to house spas, barbeques, fire pits, outdoor furniture, and much more.

Decks are best designed when you survey the layout and style of your home. Making the most stylish decisions can add a good deal of appeal to your property!

This guide will showcase the top deck designs and plans that can add serious panache to your home's exterior. Look at the top 15 choices we have laid out for you so you can build your perfect space.


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1) Destination Decks - These have a pathway that leads from your house to a pad. This creates a fun and unique outdoor space. This makes use of your yard's best features by giving you the ability to plant your new deck wherever you please.

2) Open Decks - An open deck design can create a breezy entrance to your yard. It also provides extra room for relaxing and cooking outdoors. Not locked in by railings or walls, this simple veranda can make your backyard space into an unconstrained paradise.

3) Leveled Decks - Leveled decks can provide the perfect vantage area to maximize natural views. If your house has a view of a lake, ocean, forest, or city, you can enhance your balcony design by adding stages. This is a great way to impress company and provide a perfect escape.

4) Raised Deck - Similar to leveled decks but can take them to an even higher level! You can place these on stilts or raise them above the house to provide a better view or a space with more solitude. A raised veranda can offer a fanciful aspect to your space that has endless possibilities.


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5) Sun Lounge Decks - These are amazing at capturing the summer rays for those who love to tan or lounge in the sun. The most common designs for sun lounges have a sunken area where a cushioned sitting area will lay . These areas can also include a central firepit for perfect ambiance while entertaining.

6) Curved Decks - Adding curved lines to your design can add style. It can also break the monotony of square corners on your house. The curved railing is more difficult to install but also makes for a beautifully designed area .


lounge chairs


7) Naturally Blended Decks - These are perfect for the environmentally-conscious homeowner. Naturally blended decks make use of the natural environment like trees and grass and incorporate them into the design! When built around your yard's natural features they are a sure way to win over home admirers.

8) Pergola Decks - A pergola gives shade and a perfect spot for outdoor dining or lounging with a table and chairs. Pergolas add an element of romance to outdoor areas that set off your outdoor living space nicely.

9) Terrace Decks - They can add an amazing outdoor space to your home on the second and third floors and beyond. They often provide the best view and are popular in cities . Consider a terrace complete with an outdoor garden for your design!


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10) Cabana or Gazebo Decks - Poolside havens for lounging and enjoying a semi-private covered area. Adding these structures offers an exotic feel to your home that will make them a dream to escape to.

11) Wrap around decks maximize the space around your house, offering ample room to unwind and enjoy the surroundings. They are also perfect for homes with a view as they offer a panoramic vista of the surrounding area.

12) Covered decks are popular in rainy areas like the Northwest. They allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space even when it's raining. They will also provide a safe storage area for your belongings like grills or spas.

13) Unattached Decks - Feel free to expand beyond the confines of your house! You can place a floating one anywhere on your property to maximize the space . Decks by gardens or water features in your yard will be a welcome respite from the outside world.

14) Built-in seating - save space and offer plenty of seating areas for guests. Benches built into the railing can go a long way to provide comfort anywhere you happen to be on the deck. Sunken decks also offer built-in seating benches that provide the perfect place to entertain.

15) Shaded Decks - Many homeowners have taken to pergolas with adjustable shading options with roller shades. This can make an outdoor space even more comfortable and private. Dividers and shades can transform an area with solitary and inviting nooks . Think about which way your deck faces and how much sunlight you want before deciding how much shade you want.


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Picking the right design means finding a balance between your style, desired functionality, and outdoor space. Consider how you plan to use your space: Is it for quiet relaxation, entertaining guests, or as a private retreat? For those who love to host, open decks and pergolas offer ample space and a welcoming atmosphere.

If your home has nice views, decks can make your outdoor moments more enjoyable and scenic. Sun lounge areas attract people who enjoy the sun. On the other hand, individuals who love a combination of style and nature may prefer something curved or natural.

Think about the maintenance and the installation process too. Curved decks, for example, can add a unique aesthetic but may require more effort to install. If you're environmentally conscious, naturally blended decks that incorporate your yard's existing features could be the perfect match. For homes in rainy climates, covered decks ensure that your outdoor space is usable year-round.

Remember, the choice of a deck is not just about today's use but also about adding value and charm to your home over time. It's about creating a space that resonates with your lifestyle and complements your home's architecture.

Consider seeking advice from an expert who understands your specific needs and the unique characteristics of your property. This expert can provide guidance tailored to your situation. This way, you'll ensure that your deck not only meets your current desires but also adapts to your evolving lifestyle.

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Question Answer
What is the typical cost range for building a new deck? The cost of building a deck varies based on materials, size, and labor but generally ranges from $4,000 to $15,000 for a standard size deck.
How long does it typically take to build a deck? Building a deck can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the complexity and size of the deck design.
What are the best materials for a deck in humid climates? In humid climates, materials like composite decking or pressure-treated wood are ideal as they resist moisture and reduce the risk of decay and insect damage.
Are permits required for building a deck? Yes, most localities require permits for building a deck, especially if it is attached to a house or certain heights and sizes are exceeded.
How can I make my deck more environmentally friendly? Choose sustainable materials like recycled composite boards or certified sustainably harvested wood, and consider integrating green spaces like planters.
What maintenance is required to keep a deck in good condition? Regular maintenance includes cleaning, checking for loose fittings and damage, resealing wood decks, and replacing worn or damaged boards as needed.
What safety features should be considered when designing a deck? Ensure sturdy railings, non-slip surfaces, adequate lighting for nighttime use, and proper spacing to prevent small objects from falling through gaps.

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