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How can I contact My Site Plan?

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to get ahold of us!
For fastest response during our working hours Monday-Friday 8am-4pm PST please contact us via chat.
Our phone number is 1 800-969-6415 and we are available during our business hours
We monitor email 7 days a week as well

What are your hours?

We offer phone support Monday-Friday 8am-4pm PST.  Live chat is available 8am-11pm PST. Outside of our normal business hours we check email periodically and respond usually within a few hours. If you need an update to your site plan please email it to the designer that sent you the plan directly for fasted reply.

How We Create Plans:

Can I add a new structure that is not currently on my property to my site plan?

Yes, once you select your site plan and enter the site address you will see a dropdown menu that says "Add Non-Existing Feature (Structure):" You will select the number of features you would like to add to the site plan. In the description area you can describe the dimensions of the feature and where you would like it to be placed. Another option is to wait for the initial draft to be sent to you and then sketch the new feature into the draft, then send it back to us to be added.
We will work with you to make sure we get the placement just right.

Common features added are: Barn, Shed, Fence, Pergola, Covered Patio, Patio, New Home, Addition, Driveway

Can I get hard copies mailed to me?

We do not mail any plans but we recommend using for easy uploading, ordering and delivery. It can all be done online and is a simple and inexpensive option.

The other option is to send the PDF file to a local print shop such as Staples, Fedex Office, Mail Boxes etc. and many others.

How accurate are the site plans?

We use GIS data with arial imagery to create our site plans. Geographic Information System (GIS) accuracy can vary depending on a variety of factors, including but not limited to the quality of the input data, the accuracy of the spatial reference system used, and the precision of the analysis methods. Therefore, the results obtained from GIS should be used with caution and should not be solely relied upon for critical decision making without verifying their accuracy through other means. Clients should always verify the dimensions. Any discrepancies should be marked on the plan and sent back to your designer and we will update the plan free of charge.  Because we are reliant on third party data and we do not visit the property we can not make any representations regarding accuracy.

How recent is the satellite imagery

The satellite imagery is generally 1-12 months old with most property images averaging around 3 months. If you are trying to capture new additions or subtractions from your property on a site plan and the work was done within the last 3 months it is likely we will not pick it up. That ok! If we miss something just let us know after we send you a draft and we will make the necessary adjustments.

I need a custom sized site plan other than the standard 11" X 17". How do I do that?

All of our site plans are formatted to be printed on 11"X17" paper. This is the default size of most cities. Home printers generally only print 8 1/2" X 11" which does not leave enough room on the site plan for city stamps and notes.

Occasionally municipalities will request other sizes which fall outside of our standard template. We can format the plan for any size paper but need to scale it appropriately.
You will have the option to rescale to your size at checkout. Just select "Yes" and give us the size you would like.

Is it possible to have someone come to my home?

We do not do site visits. All of our site plans are created remotely. If you require a site visit you would want to call a local surveyor or architect.

What areas can you do site plans for?

We can create site plans in all of the US, Australia, Canada, UK and much of Europe. If for some reason we are unable to find the data to create your plan we will issue an immediate refund.

What file format is the plan sent in?

All site plans are delivered in a PDF format which is the most universally accepted printing format. During checkout you will also have an option to order the DWG file which is the AutoCAD source file. If you select this option we will zip that file and send it to you as well.

If you need another format please let us know in your order.

What software is used to create the site plan?

All of our site plans are created using AutoCAD. AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application.  This is a powerful software that allows our designers to create the plans in a scaled environment. If you have never used AutoCAD it's important to know that it is not an easy software to learn so making edits to the plan should only be done by a qualified drafter.

What sources do you use to create the site plan?

We use GIS, County parcel data, Satellite imagery and client provided information to create your site plan.

We license a large data set that contains Nationwide Parcel Data for both residential and commercial properties. This data allows us to access information of lot dimensions, legal description, land use, lot square footage, building square footage, zoning, parcel number and much more. 

Using the above referenced sources we create the plan and send it to the client to verify dimensions. If you come up with any different measurements you can mark those onto the plan and send it back to us and we will revise the plan free of charge.

Ordering Process:

After I place my order what is the process?

Once your order is received we will assign it to our most qualified drafter for your particular needs.  Your order will be reviewed fully to make sure that there are no questions and that we have everything we need to create a draft. 

We will create a draft site plan within the promised window for your review. Once you receive your plan please check it to make sure that it has everything you need and that all measurements are in line with yours. If there is anything that needs to be adjusted we recommend printing the site plan and marking all changes directly onto the plan. You can then scan or take a picture of it and send it back to us for the edits. You can also just reply directly to the designer who sent you the plan to ask for whatever you need.

We stick with you until the plan is just how you need it!

Can a vicinity map be added to the site plan? What is a vicinity map?

Yes, a vicinity map can be added to the site plan. Once you select your plan and enter your address you will be given the option to Add Vicinity Map. Select the checkbox. 

A vicinity map is a small map in the upper corner of the site plan that shows the subject property relative to the surrounding area. This is different than a Radius Map. If you need a radius map please fill out the custom quote form HERE.

Can I have my site plan stamped, signed, sealed, or certified?

No, We are a drafting company and do not stamp, sign or seal plans. We do include our company name and logo on the site plan. If you require a certified, stamped, signed or sealed plan you will need to hire and Architect, Engineer, or Surveyor.

Can you also provide elevations and floor plans?

Yes, we can. Since we do not do a site visit we are reliant on the customer to provide a sketch with all dimensions so that we can recreate those as scaled AutoCAD drawings. You can email those sketches tositeplan@mysiteplan.comand we will provide a quote for that service. 

I'm applying for a conditional use permit. Which plan should I choose?

For conditional use permits you would want our Detailed Site Plan. Our detailed plan will include items such as parking and ingress / egress that are required for a commercial site plan

I need changes made to my plan. How do you handle that?

Once we send you the site plan we will wait for your feedback and take care of any changes you would like. This is assuming that your changes are within the original scope. If you require features from a higher detail plan such as upgrading from a Medium Plan to a Detailed Plan we can send you an invoice for the cost difference between the two plans.

I need my site plan in under 12 hours. What do I do?

We have a RUSH order option where we will create and deliver the plan within less than 12 hours. You can select that option during checkout. 

I need topography (Contour lines) added to my site plan. Can that be done?

Yes, After you select your plan and enter your address there will be an option to "Add Topographical Lines".  Select the check box and we will add the topography. We use USGS available topography which is available on 2-10 foot intervals.

I ordered more than 24 hours ago and have not received my order.

ALL of our standard site plans are delivered within 24 hours to the email address provided at the time of your order. If you did not receive your plan please check your spam folder. If you do not find it still please email with an alternative email address and your order number so that we can resend the plan.

If you ordered custom hourly work the delivery time will be dependent on the job complexity. Please email us for an expected delivery time.

 see the standard site plans are for existing conditions. What if I want a more conceptualized site plan of what I would like the site to look like.

For conceptual custom work you will fill out our Custom Quote Form. Please include a full description of what you would like to have included in your site plan such as how many buildings, roads, landscape, etc. Also include property address and any additional requirements. We will review and get back to you with questions or a quote within 24 hours.

Is it possible to add features that are not listed in the site plan description such as Utilities, Septic, Well, fire hydrant etc.?

Yes, it is possible but those items would have to be added by the client since they would not be visible via satellite. If you know the location of these features and would like them added to your site plan you would order the Detailed Site Plan. Once we send you the draft of the site plan you would print the plan, mark  the location of the utilities and other features and send it back to us to have it added. We will then add those items to the final plan.

When will I receive my site plan?

You will receive your site plan within 24 hours of your order 7 days per week. If you order with the RUSH option you will have it within 12 hours.  For custom orders outside of our standard site plans delivery times may vary.

Which plan should I order? The Basic, Medium, or Detailed?

For permitting on residential properties our Medium Detail Plan. This plan will include the items most cities want to see on a site plan such as scale, north arrow, driveway, structures, and trees.

For permitting of commercial properties our Detailed Site Plan is most appropriate. This plan includes all features visible via satellite such as landscaping, parking spaces, structures, driveways etc.

Our Basic Site Plan will include the property boundaries and primary structure along with north arrow and scale. This is our most basic plan and is commonly used for planning purposes but lacks details that most cities and counties require.

For a comparison chart click HERE and scroll down the page.

When will I receive my site plan?

You will receive your site plan within 24 hours of your order 7 days per week. If you order with the RUSH option you will have it within 12 hours.  For custom orders outside of our standard site plans delivery times may vary.

Will my site plan be accepted for permitting?

Will my site plan be accepted for permitting?

If your building department will allow you to draw the plan for yourself then they will allow us to draw it for you. The most common reason for the denial of a building permit is lack of scale. Our plans are scaled and fully dimensioned. If you require a stamped plan by a surveyor, architect or engineer our plans will NOT be accepted. We are a drafting company and do not stamp or sign plans. Please verify this before placing your order.

If your plan is denied on first attempt please forward us the comments as to why it was denied. We will make necessary adjustments so that you can resubmit. If your SITE PLAN is denied for a second time for any other reason besides requiring a stamp we can either make further adjustments as long as we are within scope or refund your money with a copy of the denial letter.