Site Plans For Permits

At, we provide three types of standard site plans, each with varying levels of detail to suit your specific needs. The choice of plan depends on its intended use. For many building departments, our medium detail plan is the most suitable.

Once you select a plan, you have the flexibility to add extra features like additional structures, vicinity maps, topography, and more. For further assistance, feel free to explore our HELP CENTER.

Important Considerations Before Ordering:

  • Ensure that your local building department does not require a plan prepared by a licensed surveyor, architect, or engineer. Our service offers drafting solutions and does not include legal surveys, stamps, signatures, or seals on plans. Our plans are non-certified. To understand¬†the difference between certified and non-certified site plans click here.

Process After Ordering:

  • Within 24 hours of your order, we will send you a draft of your site plan via email. Please review and confirm all dimensions.
  • If you need any changes, simply mark them on the draft and send it back to us. We will update your plan accordingly at no extra cost.

Note: All plans are delivered in PDF format via email.

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