Drafterra Certification

What is Drafterra Certification?

Drafterra Certification is an accreditation given to drafters who demonstrate exceptional technical proficiency, uphold high professional standards, and foster a people-first approach.

Drafterra Certification is based on three pillars:

Pillar One: Skills

Drafterra Certified drafters have a broad set of technical capabilities that encompass advanced AutoCAD proficiency, including expertise in 3D modeling, layer management, and the creation of custom scripts to streamline drafting processes. They are skilled in integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with AutoCAD for more detailed planning and visualization. Their skill set encompasses an understanding of site and landscape design principles, contributing to the creation of functional and visually appealing designs. While they possess a basic understanding of US building codes and general zoning laws and regulations, it's important to note that ensuring compliance falls outside their direct responsibilities. This comprehensive skill set is tested and evidenced by a digital portfolio submission, showcasing their expertise in drafting, ability to solve problems effectively, and a track record of achieving client satisfaction.


Pillar Two: Professional Standards

Drafterra Certified drafters distinguish themselves through exceptional professional standards that are as critical to project success as their technical skills. They possess outstanding customer service and communication skills, enabling them to accurately analyze and interpret client requirements into actionable site plan drafts. Their ability to communicate digitally ensures effective client consultations and team collaboration. These drafters are adept at solving drafting challenges, adapting plans to regulatory changes, and managing project deadlines diligently to ensure client satisfaction. Moreover, their skill in working cohesively with architects, engineers, and various project stakeholders underscores a dedication to the collective achievement of project goals. This blend of professional qualities ensures that Drafterra Certified drafters not only meet but exceed the expectations placed on them, fostering trust and reliability in their professional relationships


Pillar Three: People-First

Drafterra Certification is founded on a people-first philosophy, emphasizing the importance of empathy, understanding, and collaborative ease in every project. Certified drafters are customer-focused and adept at empathizing with client needs and translating those into functional, aesthetically pleasing site plans. They are easy to work with, producing site plans that are accurate and understandable to non-technical clients. Moreover, being a good person underpins their professional interactions, reflecting a commitment to ethical conduct, respect, and the fostering of positive relationships with clients and team members alike. This people-first approach not only defines their work ethic but also enhances the drafting process, making it more inclusive, client-focused, and grounded in mutual respect and understanding.



Piller One: Skills

Technical Capabilities

  • Advanced AutoCAD Proficiency: Test for advanced skills in AutoCAD, including 3D modeling, layer management, and custom scripts to improve drafting efficiency.
  • GIS and BIM Integration: Assess abilities in integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with AutoCAD drafts for more comprehensive planning and visualization.
  • Site and Landscape Design: Evaluate understanding and application of principles in site and basic landscape design.

Regulatory Knowledge

  • Basic US Building Codes Comprehension: Test for a basic understanding of current US building codes relevant to residential and commercial construction projects.
  • General Zoning Laws and Regulations: Assess knowledge of local, state, and federal zoning laws and how they impact site planning and construction.

Demonstrable Experience

  • Digital Portfolio Submission: Require submission of a digital portfolio showcasing previous work, demonstrating expertise in drafting, problem-solving, and client satisfaction.


Pillar Two: Professional Standards

Customer Service and Communication Skills

  • Client Requirement Analysis: Test the ability to accurately analyze and interpret client requirements and feedback into actionable site plan drafts.
  • Digital Communication Proficiency: Evaluate efficiency and effectiveness in using digital communication tools (email, chat, slack) for client consultations and team collaboration.
  • Problem-Solving and Adaptability: Assess skills in addressing and resolving drafting challenges, client concerns, and adapting plans to meet regulatory changes or site-specific constraints.

Project Management and Collaboration

  • Deadline Management: Evaluate the ability to manage and meet project deadlines within the stipulated time frame, ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Team Collaboration: Test for proficiency in collaborating with architects, engineers, and other stakeholders, ensuring a seamless integration of site plans within larger project scopes.

Pillar Three: People-First

Understanding and Empathy

  • Customer-Focused: Evaluate the drafter's ability to deeply understand and empathize with customer needs, ensuring projects align with the customer's vision and goals. This includes an assessment of how well drafters can translate client aspirations into functional and aesthetically pleasing site plans.

Easy To Work With

  • Ease of Understanding: Assess the drafter's skill in creating site plans that are accurate yet easily understandable to non-technical clients, such as homeowners.
  • Adaptable to Changes: Evaluate the drafter's capability to adapt to project changes, client requests, or unforeseen challenges with a positive attitude and resourcefulness. This includes the ability to offer alternative solutions and adjustments without compromising the project's integrity or timelines.

Be A Good Person