Site Plans for Construction Permits

Site Plans for Construction Permits

Do you need a construction permit?

If you’re planning to add a permanent structure to your property, the answer is very likely yes. Depending on your area, that may even include fences that are over a specific height, and it certainly covers any alterations or building that involves plumbing, electric, or mechanical systems.

Those who ignore construction permits – even on the advice of contractors – will be left with structures that are illegal, and that can cause a lot of trouble in the future. If authorities ever find out, you may have to pay fines or fees for building without permission. In some cases, it is possible that the structure will need to be taken down altogether.

Not what anyone wants.

Unfortunately, getting a construction permit can be a process that takes anywhere from weeks to months, depending on the specific requirements of your area and how busy the permit office is.

Because of this, you want to make sure to apply early and provide those in charge of permitting decisions with clear and thorough information about the construction project you wish to engage in. In most cases, this will require a site plan.

What Is a Construction Permit Site Plan?

Site Plans for Construction Permits

Essentially, a site plan is a detailed map of your property. At My Site Plan, we have created site plans for almost every jurisdiction in the United States, and our plans meet or exceed their requirements.

If your building department does NOT require a stamp from a surveyor, engineer, or architect for your project, then our plans can provide what you need – at the fraction of the price of hiring a professional to visit your property in person. Instead, we use GIS data, county parcel maps, and satellite images to create an accurate representation of your property.

There are three levels of detail that you can choose from depending on your needs. For construction permits, most people find that our Medium Detail plan meets their needs.

It includes all existing major features, such as:

  • Accessory Structures
  • Lot Dimensions
  • Driveway
  • Measurements Between Major Features
  • North Arrow
  • Primary Structure (with dimensions)
  • Property Lines
  • Scale
  • Swimming Pool
  • Trees

If you plan to add a structure or structures, we even have an option you can select to β€œAdd Non-existing feature.” Provide us with all applicable information and we can draw in your addition so that permitting offices are able to see how it would fit in with existing features.

Don’t Suffer Unnecessary Delays Due to a Denied Construction Permit

One of the biggest mistakes people make when applying for a construction permit is to underestimate the level of detail needed in order for the office to grant approval. Sadly, having your application denied can result in a delay of months – or longer.

Do not let this happen. Our skilled site plan professionals have over 20 years of experience helping people and businesses get the permits they need to build. They know what it takes to make sure you get approval the first time.

Reach out today for the help you need at a price you can afford.