Pool Remodeling: What You Need to Know

Pool Remodeling: What You Need to Know

Dreaming of spending your warm summer days by the pool? We thought so. The only thing that can make it even better is when you get to enjoy your newly remodeled pool with all of the features you could ever want.

Whether your pool has seen better days or you saw an upgrade that you knew you had to have, it’s time to start thinking about a pool remodel. But, what should you expect when remodeling your pool? Here’s what you need to know about pool remodeling.

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Is it Time to Remodel?

There are many reasons why you might be thinking about remodeling your pool; maybe some features need a little updating, or perhaps there are new ones you want to add. Either way, here are some of the signs that might mean it’s time to think about remodeling:

  • You noticed some leaks
  • Your pump, plumbing, or filter are outdated
  • You’re ready for a new style
  • Your tiles, deck, or lights are worn out
  • Your budget is bigger now and you want to add some luxury features
  • Your pool size isn’t cutting it anymore

It’s always essential to maintain your pool and replace any materials that are getting outdated; it will even help you save on bigger renovations down the road.

Common Types of Pool Remodels

There are a plethora of types of pool remodels you could consider. While you should develop a custom design that suits your needs the best, browsing through other recently renovated pools can give you some ideas.

Some of the most common pool remodel ideas are:

  • Changing the shape (the options are limitless!)
  • Customizing the pool floor with different tiles
  • Adding a water feature like a fountain or waterfall
  • Adding a slide or diving board
  • Creating a spa area
  • Adding sun shelves and fire pits nearby
  • Installing color-changing LEDs
  • Updating the decking and coping
  • Updating the pool landscaping

The Typical Pool Remodeling Process

The first things you’ll need to do to get started with your pool remodel are finding a contractor to do the renovations and getting approval from your city and HOA (if applicable). Many homeowners choose to get a site plan in advance—this can help immensely in getting the approval you need to begin the remodel.

The first step for almost any pool remodel is draining the water out, and it’s crucial to start this at least a day before the remodel; it will take anywhere from six to twelve hours to drain completely.

If your remodel includes changing the size, shape, or depth of the pool, that’s where your contractor will usually start. Next, they’ll usually chip and prime the pool’s surface (this can be a noisy, disruptive process, but it’s usually finished within a day).

After that, they’ll work on the new tiling and surface application. This is also when they’ll start adding any new water features, lighting, decking, and updating the landscaping around your pool. 

Once everything is finished, you’ll be able to fill your pool back up with water, begin adding the chemicals to ensure that the water is safe for swimming, and then you’re free to enjoy your new pool!

Pool Remodeling FAQs

Next, let’s answer some of the most common questions homeowners have about pool remodeling:

Can you redesign an existing pool?

Yes! You can remodel your pool to change its shape and depth.

How do I redesign my pool?

It starts with getting a site plan and approval from your city and HOA. Next, you’ll want to get in touch with a contractor and discuss your options.

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How long should a pool remodel take?

Simple pool remodels can be done in a week or less. Larger jobs could go on for months!

Should I remodel my pool?

If you have the space, approval, and resources, then we say go for it!

What is the pool coping?

Pool coping is simply the material that goes around the edge of the pool, and it’s typically concrete, natural stone, or tile.

What is the best pool coping material?

Concrete is most people’s pool coping of choice for durability and a seamless look.

Does a pool have to have coping?

Other than for looks, pool coping is essential to protecting other areas from water damage.

How do you modernize an old pool?

An easy way to start modernizing your aging pool is to update the coping and adding features (like a diving board or a fountain).

When remodeling, what should you do first?

The first thing you should do is ensure that you have sufficient area around the pool to remodel it. Once you’re ready to get started, it’s time to drain the pool and start prepping for the remodel!

Can an inground pool be made smaller?

Yes! The limits depend on your current pool, but you can make it smaller by building new walls tied to the existing feature.

Is it expensive to reshape a pool?

Usually, yes. Reshaping a pool involves replacing the entire pool lining, among other things.

Can I make my pool less deep?

Yes! Making a pool less deep is actually an easier job than making it deeper.

Can you enlarge a swimming pool?

Yes! It’s one of the most expensive pool remodels, but it can be done (and who doesn’t want a bigger swimming pool?).

Getting Ready for Your Pool Remodel

So, you’ve decided to remodel your pool after all. One of the first things you should do is get a custom site plan so that you can get approval for the project from your local government and HOA. After that, it’s up to you and your contractor to come up with a design to turn your pool into the one of your dreams and make it happen. Let us be the first to congratulate you on your newly remodeled pool; enjoy your summer and stay cool out there!

Ready to remodel your pool? Whether you’re shrinking, expanding, or updating, it all starts with getting a site planGet your quote here!

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FAQ Answer
What permits are required for pool remodeling? The specific permits required can vary based on your location. Typically, you will need a building permit, and if you're making significant changes, you may also need zoning permits or environmental clearances. It's best to consult with your local building department or your contractor to ensure all legal requirements are met.
How often should a pool be remodeled? The frequency of remodeling a pool depends on several factors such as the quality of the original materials, maintenance, and changes in personal taste or technology. On average, a pool might need significant remodeling every 10 to 20 years. However, small updates like changing tiles or adding features can be done more frequently.
What are the environmental considerations for pool remodeling? When remodeling a pool, consider using environmentally friendly materials and technology. Options include saltwater systems, solar heaters, and energy-efficient pumps. Also, consider the disposal of old materials and chemicals in an environmentally responsible way.
Can pool remodeling increase home value? Yes, a well-executed pool remodel can increase home value, especially if it enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of the pool area. This increase, however, can vary significantly based on the market and the extent of the remodel.
What are common mistakes to avoid in pool remodeling? Common mistakes include underestimating costs, overlooking compliance with local codes, choosing the wrong materials for your climate, and failing to plan for future maintenance needs. Engaging a professional and having a detailed plan can help avoid these pitfalls.
How do I choose the right contractor for my pool remodel? Choose a contractor with experience in pool remodeling. Check their credentials, ask for references, review their past projects, and ensure they have the appropriate licenses and insurance. It's also important to have clear communication and a written contract detailing the scope of work.

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