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 In Oregon, the construction and permitting landscape is shaped by its diverse natural environment, ranging from coastal regions to dense forests and volcanic mountain ranges. This diversity, along with Oregon's commitment to environmental sustainability, influences the requirements for construction projects, including swimming pools, ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units), sheds, fences, Airbnb permits, driveway replacements, and tree removal. The state's climate, characterized by wet winters and dry summers in the west, and more arid conditions in the east, also plays a crucial role in determining construction codes and practices, especially in terms of water management and fire prevention.

My Site Plan supports Oregon's residents and developers by providing detailed, non-certified site plans that comply with the state's specific permitting requirements. Whether your project is in the urban areas of Portland and Eugene or in the more rural and ecologically sensitive regions like the Willamette Valley or the Cascades, our services ensure that your plans meet all necessary local and state regulations. With My Site Plan, navigating Oregon's complex permitting process becomes more straightforward, allowing your projects to proceed efficiently while adhering to Oregon's high standards for environmental protection and sustainability.


Counties we service in Oregon

County Name Population Area (sq. mi.)
Baker County 16741 3068.12
Benton County 78153 676.46
Clackamas County 338391 1868.17
Clatsop County 35630 827.23
Columbia County 43560 656.72
Coos County 62779 1600.48
Crook County 19182 2979.38
Curry County 21137 1627.38
Deschutes County 115367 3018.15
Douglas County 100399 5036.62
Gilliam County 1915 1204.07
Grant County 7935 4528.6
Harney County 7609 10134.33
Hood River County 20411 522.35
Jackson County 181269 2785.19
Jefferson County 19009 1780.78
Josephine County 75726 1639.59
Klamath County 63775 5944.19
County Name Population Area (sq. mi.)
Lake County 7422 8135.75
Lane County 322959 4554
Lincoln County 44479 979.57
Linn County 103069 2292.18
Malheur County 31615 9887.09
Marion County 284834 1183.95
Morrow County 10995 2032.38
Multnomah County 660486 435.23
Polk County 62380 741.03
Sherman County 1934 823.21
Tillamook County 24262 1102.15
Umatilla County 70548 3215.26
Union County 24530 2036.55
Wallowa County 7226 3145.34
Wasco County 23791 2381.05
Washington County 445342 723.75
Wheeler County 1547 1714.92
Yamhill County 84992 715.56