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Maryland Site Plans

Detailed Site Plans for building permits, Quick Turnaround, and all we need is your Maryland Address! provides detailed site plans using the most up to date satellite imagery, GIS information, County Parcel Maps and other information sources. Most of our customers are in the Construction and Landscape trades but we also have many Real Estate related professions and Homeowners that use our service on a regular basis.


Don't Spend $1500 on a Surveyor if you don't have to!

Most cities only require a simple site plan for an over the counter permit.  I have been drawing site plans for over 15 years and have never had one denied for an over the counter permit. If you take one of our site plans to your city and they deny it I will give you a full refund. Try us first before spending a fortune on a land surveyor.  Most Autocad Designers charge upwards of $120/hr. Our standard rate is $90/hr but with our pre-set site plans we offer deep discounts due to the volume we produce.


For Building Permit Application

Most building departments require a simple site plan for a number of reasons such as applying for demolition permits, tree removal permit, Swimming Pool Removal permit and many other exterior home renovations. Our site plans are perfect for these applications. While many remodeling, addition and new construction permit applications WILL require you to hire a land surveyor which will cost upwards of $1500 our service can provide you a far less expensive alternative when you are applying for smaller over the counter permits.

A Few Other Applications Our Customers Use for

-Event planners love our simple site plan because they can use it as a guide as to where to place their tables and plan their event.

-Realtors order the detailed site plan and hand them out to prospective buyers when property lines are unclear.

-Neighborly Disputes, often when filing a complain to a city a professionally drawn site plan showing any unwanted encroachments by neighbors is helpful.

-Many of our customers are New Homeowners  who use our site plans for future planning of landscaping, additions, etc.  It is really helpful to have a basic site plan to be able to sketch ideas on.

-Property Investors or House Flippers use our site plans for the early planning phases while still in escrow.


We have a quick turnaround time and usually get your site plan back to you within 1-2 working days

Our plans are delivered to you in a PDF format sized to 11"X17" and are accepted by building departments nationwide. We can also do custom sizes so just let us know.


We do custom work as well!

We can meet any of your specifications.  We can either perform your project hourly at $69/hr for our highly trained Autocad Designers or we can give you a bid for your whole project.

We can create site plans in the following Maryland Counties: 
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