Basic, Medium, or Detailed - Which site plan is right for you?

Basic, Medium, or Detailed - Which site plan is right for you?

A site plan is an aerial view of a parcel showing structures and property features relative to the property line. It can also have other components such as the landscape, exterior features, garage, inground swimming pools, fences, trees, driveways, and much more. 

Keep in mind that it is possible you may need to provide a site plan in order to obtain a home building permit, check with your Township or City Hall to confirm. 

Fortunately, with MySitePlan, you can select one of the three services to get started.

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Basic Site Plan

The basic service uses GIS and satellite imagery systems to create a draft of the site plan. It will give you the necessary infrastructure for the property. This service will include lot lines, existing building locations, north arrow, and dimensions. 

This service may not be adequate for building permits, but it’s an excellent choice for anyone who is planning to buy a house or to renovate it. 

After we create a site plan, we will send you the plan for reviewing. Once you verify the dimensions and what changes you need, we will make the adjustments free of charge. Keep in mind that our site plans are non-certified. 

People often choose this plan to understand their property dimension, showcase their homes to relatives, have a roadmap for renovating the backyard, sketching out a new roof, and fixing any encroachment issues.

The features of the basic service include primary structure, lot dimension, property lines, scale, north arrow, and measurements between major features.

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Medium Site Plan

This is the most popular service. It draws a site plan which includes trees, driveway, pool, existing structures, and other major features. However, it does not include parks, landscapes, and parking space. 

We will send you a draft for review, if you need any changes, let us know, and we will update it free of charge. This service is mostly used for people who want to apply for a building permit, applying for a demolition permit, a roadmap for yard work done, creating a new roofline, having encroachment issues, or applying for a building permit with trees in the city. 

The medium site plan contains features that include primary structure, property line, north arrow, lot dimensions, scale, tree, swimming pool, driveway, necessary structures, and measurements between major features.

Keep in mind that we are drafting firm, and do not provide certified plans. It’s vital to make sure that you don’t need a certified plan before considering our services.

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Detailed Site Plan

detailed site plan drawing

This is a detailed service for both residential and commercial use. This plan utilizes satellite imagery and cross-reference with a parcel map and GIS. The detailed site plan will reveal all existing landscape like pathways, driveways, gazebos, trees, grass, patios, swimming pools, structures, parking space, and much more. 

Again, this plan is not certified, so it’s best to check if you need a certified one or not. We will draft the site plan, and send it to you for a review.

If you need any changes, definitely update us on the dimension or missing item so we can implement them.

People who purchased the detailed service are often seeking a building permit for a new outdoor structure, demolition permit, remodeling/removal of swimming pool, a roadmap for a yard work done, permit for commercial usage, encroachment issue with neighbors, and renovating the landscape. 

The detailed site plan includes all features visible via satellite. Features such as primary structure, lot dimensions, property line, scale, north arrow, trees, measurements between major features, accessory structures, swimming pool, driveway, landscape, shrubs, parks, roofline, lawn, and parking space.

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Which Site Plan is Right for You

valley sunrise with unfinished house

Before you determine which one is right for you, it’s essential to make sure if you need a certified or non-certify site plan. If you need a certified site plan, then it’s best to get one from licensed professionals such as an architect, surveyor or engineer. If you only need a non-certified draft, then MySitePlan can help you. 

If you want something to showcase your property dimension and home to the relatives, then you want something simple like the basic service.

If you need a site plan for a building permit, then the medium site plan is the most common. 

If you want something for a building permit, commercial use, or for something complex, then the detailed site plan is perfect for you.

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Certified versus non-certified site plan

man drawing site plan

A certified plan is prepared by an engineer, architect, or surveyor that requires an extreme level of accuracy. This is where the individuals would have to visit your home to create a site plan. 

Usually, permit authorities will require certified site plans for lot subdivisions or building addition where the measurements would have to be accurate. Keep in mind that every city is different, so it’s best to verify before ordering a plan. 

A non-certify site plan is created by an unlicensed individual, homeowners, or MySitePlan. These are more affordable, faster, and does not require the hassle of someone visiting your home. 

We use public data and satellite imagery to create the draft. After that, we send it to you for verification purposes. 

The significant part about using MySitePlan is that we do not charge for dimension readjustment or any edits that you request. As long as a certified plan is not required, MySitePlan can provide you with the draft that you need.

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Getting a site plan is an excellent way of knowing the dimension and infrastructure of your home. If you want an accurate and detailed plan, definitely consider MySitePlan. They have three services called basic, medium, and detail site. 

The basic service is an excellent plan if you want to share your home structure to your relative. The medium service is for applying for building permits, and a detailed service can be used for commercial usage. 

Once you select the plan of your dreams, we will create a draft, send it to you for approval. The significant part is that whatever changes that you need, we can implement it free of charge.

 So what are you waiting for? Get your draft with us at

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