Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee


Buy with Confidence

At My Site Plan, we stand by our work. With over a decade of experience drawing site plans we know our stuff!  That is why we offer our Money-back Guarantee. What does that mean? If your site plan is denied by your building authority for any reason other than requiring a stamp from a surveyor, engineer, or architect, then you are eligible for a refund after the second submittal. We only require one attempt to rectify the reasons for the first denial. Simply fill out this refund request form and we will review and process within 24 hours.

There are no refunds after 60 days.

We use all publicly available data along with client input to create the plans so any discrepancies in measurements should be relayed to us to make those corrections. Since we do not visit the property we are only as good as the information available and provided.  We ask for one attempt to make revisions to your site plan for re-submittal. If the site plan is denied a second time, we will issue a full refund with receipt of a picture or scan of the site plan denial letter.

For custom hourly work, all sales are final.

Prior to drawing each and every site plan, we look at the property via satellite. If we feel like there will be a problem drawing an accurate plan, we will let you know. You will have the option to receive a full refund or to provide specifications detailing the size and location of any structures that are not visible.

A few things to note before placing your site plan order:

  • Check your city’s requirements first. Our site plans have varying levels of detail, so make sure you purchase a site plan with the amount of detail required by your city.
  • We don’t provide site surveys. If your city requires a site survey for your project, you must hire a land surveyor to come out to your location.
  • We don’t stamp site plans. Our site plans are not certified, so make sure that isn’t required by your city before placing your order. Only surveyors, engineers, and architects can stamp plans.

Not sure if our site plans meet your needs? Send us an email or call 1-800-969-6415. We will steer you in the right direction.