Are you thinking about building your dream home and need to get a sense of what it will cost at the end of the day? This article explores the average costs that come with each segment of the home construction process that you’ll need to understand going forward. Please continue reading for more information that can help you develop an effective home construction budget.

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How Much Does it Cost to Construct a House From Scratch?

No matter the kind of home you’re trying to build for yourself, you can be sure that the process will cost you a pretty penny. That said, exactly how much can you expect to spend on average? An enormous range of factors can significantly impact the overall cost required to construct a new home, from regional differences, the type of amenities you want your home to include, and more. 

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Average Building Costs


Average Cost Range

~$150,000 - $445,000





National Average 


Average Building Cost Per Number of Bedrooms


Number of Bedrooms

Average Cost Range


~$90,000 - $300,000


~$140,000 - $350,000


~$180,000 - $400,000


~$200,000 - $500,00

Average Cost By House Size

Size in Square Feet (sq. ft.)

Average Cost Range

~800 sq. ft.

~$80,000 - $160,000

~1,000 sq. ft.

~$100,000 - $200,000

~1,200 sq. ft.

~$120,000 - $240,000

~1,500 sq. ft.

~$150,000 - $300,000

~1,800 sq. ft.

~$180,000 - $360,000

~2,000 sq. ft.

~$200,000 - $400,000

~2,500 sq. ft.

~$250,000 - $500,000

~2,700 sq. ft.

~$270,000 - $540,000

~3,000 sq. ft.

~$300,000 - $600,000

~4,000 sq. ft.

~$400,000 - $800,000

~5,000 sq. ft.

~$500,000 - $1,000,000

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Average Cost Breakdown of New House Construction

The tables included above should give you a general sense of the price ranges you’ll likely encounter depending on the size of the house you’re looking to build. But let’s take a moment to look more directly into the different components of new house construction and how much they cost.

Purchasing Land (~$90K)

To start building any new house, you’ll first have to purchase and clear some suitable land for it to be built on. The cost of land lots can vary significantly depending on a wide range of factors, such as their size and location. That said, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), you can usually expect to pay somewhere around $90K.

Getting Quality Site Plans and Permits (~$18K)

Quality site plans can be pretty easy and inexpensive to get by going through industry professionals like My Site Plan and can range in cost from $99 to $159 depending on how detailed you need the plan to be. The various building permits, impact studies, engineering and architecture fees, water and sewer hookups are what will start to add up, however, and you can expect to spend about $18,000 for everything.

Constructing the Foundation (~$5-35K)

Installing the foundation of a new home is one cost element that can range significantly depending on a wide range of different factors. While putting down simple slabs for the foundation won’t cost much, developing a full basement that can later be furnished can be pretty costly, especially if you’d like to include extra additions like crawl spaces. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can expect to pay as little as $5,000 to as much as $35,000. 

Constructing the House’s Frame (~$20-50K)

Yet again, this is a factor that will significantly depend on the size of the house you’re building. Framing is the process of constructing what will essentially be the skeleton of your home, which will then be covered with plywood or oriented strand board before trusses are built to frame the roof. In general, you’ll be looking at a cost of between $20,000 and $50,000.

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Plumbing and Electrical Installation (~$30-43K)

After the house’s frame is constructed, it’ll be time to install all of the necessary plumbing and electrical components needed to get your home attached to the water system and power grid. Depending on the general size of your house, you will generally spend somewhere within the ballpark of $30,000 to $43,000.

External Element Installation (~$35-45K)

After the skeleton and other internal components of your home are completed, the final external elements of the wells, roofs, and openings will need to be installed. This includes siding, doors, windows, and all necessary roof coverings. Depending on the general size of your house, you can expect to pay somewhere in the realm of $35,000 to $45,000.

Interior Finishes (~$75K)

Your home’s interior finishes include elements like insulation, drywall, flooring, internal doors, countertops, cabinets, and other various components that will turn the structure into a lovely, livable home for you and your family to enjoy. In general, this step will cost somewhere around $75,000, depending on your home’s size and the interior styling you’re hoping to achieve.

Final Additions (~$17-20K)

At this point, the basic setup for your home will have been completed, and all that’s left will be any final additions you’d like to add to the property, including outdoor structures like patios, decks, pools, driveways, and general landscaping. These can be completed alongside some of the later steps above or can be done after the house is finished. Either way, it will generally cost somewhere between $17,000 and $20,000.

The Bottom Line of House Building Cost Calculations

You deserve to have a gorgeous home that you and your family can comfortably enjoy for many decades to come, and you must understand the broad range of costs that you’ll likely be paying to get that home if you choose to build it from the ground up. For more information on general housing construction, planning, remodeling, and more, consider reaching out to the industry professionals at My Site Plan today and checking out their range of top-quality services and expertly written resources. 

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Question Answer
What factors influence the cost of land for new home construction? The cost of land can vary significantly due to factors like location, size, accessibility, and proximity to urban centers. More desirable locations typically command higher prices.
How does the level of detail in a site plan affect its cost? The cost of a site plan increases with the level of detail. A basic site plan is less expensive than a detailed one due to the additional time and resources needed to include more comprehensive information and specifics.
What are the typical costs associated with building permits and impact studies? Building permits and impact studies can vary widely in cost depending on local regulations, the complexity of the project, and the specific requirements needed for the construction site. These are usually included in the broader category of site preparation costs.
How can the size of the house affect the cost of plumbing and electrical installation? Larger houses typically require more extensive plumbing and electrical systems to cover the increased area, resulting in higher costs. This includes more materials and potentially more complex system designs.
What additional costs might be incurred for houses with special features like full basements or crawl spaces? Houses with full basements or crawl spaces often incur additional costs due to the need for more extensive excavation, additional materials for walls and flooring, and potential waterproofing and insulation needs.
How can the choice of interior finishes impact the overall construction cost? The choice of interior finishes can significantly impact costs, as high-end materials like granite countertops, hardwood floors, and custom cabinets are more expensive than more standard materials.
Are there additional costs associated with the installation of external elements like siding and roofing? Yes, the costs can vary based on the materials chosen (e.g., vinyl vs. brick siding) and the complexity of the installations. High-quality materials and intricate designs typically increase costs.