Plot Plans / Site Plans For Permits

What Is a Site Plan, Also Known as a Plot Plan?


A site plan is an accurately scaled drawing showing the existing conditions on a unit of land, including property lines, and detailing the location of any proposed and existing development, such as structures, paving, and uses of land.  

Every city has their own requirements, so make sure to check what they are in your city. We have been drawing site plans for over 15 years and have never had one denied for an over-the-counter permit. If you take one of our site plans to your city and they deny it, we will give you a full refund. 

When Is a Site Plan Required?

  • For any building permit for new development
  • Any redevelopment that includes exterior work
  • Many types of land use applications, such as site plan review, conditional use, or land divisions

All site plans require accurate property line locations in relation to any existing and/or proposed structures, parking, or other site features, but they may have more detailed requirements as well. To determine what's required for your project, refer to your city or county application packet. This will include a list of necessary items that must be shown on the site plan, and you can use that information to determine what type of site plan you require. 

If you're not sure, reach out to us with this list of requirements, and we can guide you to the most cost-effective solution.

What You Need to Know about the Site Plan Review Process

ou’ve decided to make some big changes to your property, applied for a building permit, and submitted your site plan… and now the waiting game begins.

You may not be thrilled about having to wait to start your home improvement project, but the site plan review process is necessary to ensure you’re complying with all land development regulations and building codes for your city. And waiting to have your site plan reviewed is much better than paying a hefty fine for failing to get a permit.

Of course, you may be wondering what’s actually happening while you’re waiting to hear back from your city’s building department. The specific details will vary from city to city, but the general site plan review process is outlined below.

You submit your preliminary site plan. The first step, of course, is to submit your preliminary site plan along with applications for the necessary permits to your city’s building or development department. In order to ensure a smooth review process, you should make sure your site plan includes all information that may be reasonably required for making an informed building decision, such as topography, walkways, drainage, structures, landscaping, and entry and exit points.

Your site plan goes to the appropriate officials. Your County Administrator will designate a group of officials to review your site plan and make sure it complies with all the county’s ordinances and regulations. The review committee may include government members from:

  • Public Works
  • Fire Prevention
  • Zoning
  • Survey Review
  • Health Department
  • Land Development
  • Real Estate Services
  • Construction Services
  • Environmental Review
  • Landscaping Review

County officials approve plan and issue permit. Once the county officials have determined that your building plans are up to code, they will be able to issue you the appropriate permits. Depending on the project, you may just need a building permit, while other projects might require something like a demolition permit or a plumbing permit.

From our 15 years of experience in the industry, we’ve found that professionally drawn plans are more likely to go through the process faster. Since they are clearer and easier to understand, officials typically have less questions or concerns, and it makes the site plan review process more straightforward for them.

You will receive a decision by mail. The officials will mail a letter of confirmation to you (as the applicant) and your agent (if you have one). In most cases, you should hear back within one week of the group’s scheduled review of your site plan, unless you’re told otherwise.

Once you’ve received the necessary permits, you can go ahead with the property changes you’ve envisioned. And remember, if you haven’t even gotten to the point of submitting the proper paperwork for review yet, you can get a PDF plot plan within two business days when you contact MySitePlan.

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