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How We Work

Getting a Site Plan of your property has never been easier.  You simply supply the address and any information you think we should have and we do the rest!

1. Order the Site Plan that suits your needs best. We offer a simple, medium and full detail site plan. Your building department should be able to tell you which one you need otherwise just pick the one you think is best and we can always upgrade the plan later.

Site Plan Options



2. Once you select the Site Plan that suits your needs you will be asked for your address and any additional options you may need included on your site plan. You may also upload any important files that might be helpful.

Click "Add to cart" You will be directed to check out

3. Once we receive your order, it will be assigned to one of our designers. We will look up the property and make sure that we have all of the information that is needed to prepare your plan. If more information is needed we will email you. If for some reason we are unable to find the data we need to create a site plan we will issue a full refund and email you to inform you. This does not happen often

4. Next we will design your site plan using AutoCAD (computer-aided drafting software) Measurements will be checked with your County records for accuracy.

5. Your site plan will be delivered to you as a PDF. The standard size will be 11"X17" unless you specify differently.

6. If you review your plan and see something that needs to be changed. No worries! Just email us and we will make whatever adjustments for no extra charge.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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