How Much Does It Cost to Add a Second Story in 2022

How Much Does It Cost to Add a Second Story in 2022

Is your existing home layout just not working for you and your family anymore? If so, you may wonder how much it would cost to add a second story?

Adding another level to your home will double your living space, which may be a smart solution if your family has outgrown your existing space. 

While this is true, constructing another level is a big job and an expensive one. Keep reading to learn about the costs associated with this building project. 

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Is It Possible to Add Another Level to Your House?

When you start thinking about adding another level to your home, you must determine if it is possible. If it is a possibility depends on several things. 

You must check to see if your current structure can support the weight. Some homes won’t be able to because of the land they were built on, the foundation used, or the design. 

Even if your house can support the weight, reinforcing or altering the structure may be necessary before moving forward. Working with a professional builder is a smart move since they can help you determine if a second level is possible. 

It’s also necessary to figure out if there are restrictions in your local area related to extending your home upwards. Knowing the local regulations is a must before you start your project. 

The Cost of Adding a Second Story to Your Home

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Several factors will impact the cost of adding a second level to your home. This includes what type of addition you want if you must replace the roof and the materials you use. 

In some situations, you can save your existing roof and reinstall it when the new level is in place. 

A general estimate for your new level addition will be between $100 and $300 per square foot. However, the factors that impact this cost will vary from one project to another. 

Tips to Save Money on Your Home Expansion 

Don’t try to cut corners when adding another level to your home. However, you can do a few things to save money on your project without letting quality take a hit. 

Choosing standard finishes for the new level is a great way to reduce what you will pay for materials. For example, you can opt for modern vinyl plank flooring that looks like natural wood. It may be possible to save a few thousand dollars, depending on the size of your addition. 

Choose a simple floor plan and design for your addition. You can get custom site plans created to see what would be best. Also, choose standard height ceilings. 

Another money-saving tip is to take a DIY approach to some of the work. For example, you can attach the baseboards in the new rooms or paint them instead of having the professionals do this. 

Since your house will be “under construction,” you will have to find somewhere to stay while the work is being done. Consider asking a family or friend to stay with them during the renovations to avoid paying for a hotel or another type of accommodation. 

There’s no need to “guess” what you need when planning a home addition. Instead, let MySitePlan help you with a custom draw-up of your home and property. 

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Will It Be Cheaper to Build Out or Up?

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Usually, it’s more affordable to build out than to build up. If you were to build on the ground level, you could spend between $86 and $208 per square foot. However, these costs can vary based on your location, the design, and what materials you want to be used. 

Will the Investment of a Second Story to Your Home be Worthwhile?

Determining if it is worth it to add a second story to your home depends on your unique circumstances. While it is usually more affordable to add on at the ground level than to build a second level, many people find going up is a more practical option. 

Usually, going “out” with your expansion requires you to have a lot of land. Otherwise, it may be impossible to do so. However, you can increase your livable square footage significantly by building up. 

You should also consider the amount of disruption to your life you can tolerate during the addition. When a second floor is constructed, the roof has to be removed. Because of this, your house will be uninhabitable (in most cases) for most of the process. You have to find somewhere to go until the work is done. Be sure to factor this cost into the total cost of the expansion, as it can be significant. 

Are You Ready to Add a Second Level to Your Home?

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to adding a second level to your home. Make sure that you and your family review and consider all the information above to ensure this is something you want to undertake. 

It’s also a good idea to get a custom quote from a builder so that you know the precise cost of your addition. While getting a site plan and determining the total square footage is a great way to estimate the cost, you won’t know for sure until you speak to a builder. 

However, if you decide to move forward with your upward expansion, you will soon have double the living space you once did. You can use this new space to provide your family with more room and privacy. Most people agree it’s a great investment. 

If you want to add on to your home, you should be prepared. Check out the solutions offered by MySitePlan to get the help and insight you need. 

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