Home Addition Ideas & What You’ll Pay for Them

Home Addition Ideas & What You’ll Pay for Them

Outdoors with a Three-Season Room 

An excellent way to expand your home is to add an extra room in the form of a three-season room. Three season rooms are additions that are glass-enclosed.  

This addition may be built in the back yard or on a patio or porch.  But once you have a three-season room, they can be enjoyed most months of the year.  However, they can't be efficiently cooled in the summer months nor heated in the winter months because they are not insulated.

Costings start at $5000 for a basic room and up to $75,000 for a higher specification. 

Turn Your Garage into a Master Suite/ Guest Suite 

If space is limited in your home, one option is to convert the garage.  Assuming you don't need it for parking or storage, then turning it into a suite, is an achievable goal.  The walls will need to be insulated, the floors raised, windows and doors installed, and a heating and ventilation system installed. 

A garage conversion can cost from $7500 up to $10,000 - possibly more. Costs depend on your requirements. 

In-ground Swimming Pool or Spool 

Installing an in-ground pool can add a beautiful and valuable feature to your home, and depending on the location, it may vary in depth and shape.

Another option is a 'spool' or a small pool. This is a smaller pool design created as a solution for small backyards or limited spaces. While they may be customized to any size, they are generally between 10 and 16 feet long, and 6 to 8 feet wide. They are much smaller than in-ground swimming pools, but nearly twice the length of an average spa.

Expect to pay between $25,000 and $50,000 depending on the size and design of the pool.

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Women sit on patio

Create Outdoor Living Space 

If you enjoy spending time outside in the warmer months, it makes sense to extend your indoors to your outdoor space.  Your outdoor area is the perfect place to spend time with friends and family or sit back and enjoy the fresh air.

There are plenty of things you can do to create the perfect outdoor living space, such as creating an outdoor cooking area fitted with a barbecue, seating for dining as well as lounging. Adding beautiful outdoor rugs and warm lighting will create a cozy, ambient feel.

Costs can range from less than $1000 to over $7000.

Add a Second Floor 

Adding a second floor is an option if you're unable to extend the ground floor. It's a great way of creating space in your home, without having to move house and leave your neighborhood.

By adding a new level to your home's existing footprint, you'll double its square footage. Adding a second story makes sense if your plot is small, and you want to preserve as much open space outdoors as possible for gardening, outdoor living, or merely as an adequate sense of separation from neighbors. Additionally, your yard may have landscape features you don't want to give up.

Prices for this project start at $100 per square foot and can go as high as $500 per square foot for more complicated designs.

PV Solar Panels 

Solar electricity panels, also known as photovoltaics (PV), capture the sun's energy and convert it into electricity that you can use in your home.  

You can generate renewable electricity since solar energy is a renewable resource. While you reduce your monthly electric utility cost, you can know you're doing something good for the environment.

Prices range from $10.000 to $30,000 for materials and installation. 

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Beautiful kitchen


If the kitchen is the heart of your home and the place everyone gathers, it makes sense to focus on redesigning this space. Creating more space for the family may be accomplished by reconstruction. A larger, newer kitchen will also add value to your home. 

Having a kitchen extension can mean a spacious island in the middle of the room, extra storage space, a bar, and even built-in seating.  

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination, the available physical space, and of course, your budget.  For example, an extension that measures 20 feet along one wall and is 10 feet in width can cost you up to $30,000.

What can you imagine for your home? Visit MySitePlan and see that it’s easier than you think.  

Dormer Windows              

Build a Dormer 

Building a dormer window might be the way to go if you are looking to increase light, ventilation, or even create extra space in your home.

A dormer is a window that protrudes from and lies vertically on a sloped roof, and it has a roof as well. This type of window is available in many styles and derives their name from their specific type of roof.

This is a cost-efficient way of creating extra space and adding aesthetic appeal to your home.

Expect to pay $20,000 to $100,000 for this work to be done.

Second Bathroom 

Installing a second bathroom to your property will add to its value—anyone looking for a new home place significant worth to one featuring a second bathroom.  So adding one can allow you to increase the asking price of your property if you decide to sell. 

If you can make this addition without losing a room in the house, you will be well-placed to make your money back when the home sells.  

One of the best things about adding a second bathroom is that you won't need to share it with other people. This can be especially great if you have children. You can relax in your own space, without worrying that someone will disturb you.  

The average cost of a bathroom addition is $39,000, while the renovation is $17,000.

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Bonus Room 

If you're lucky enough to have an unutilized area in your home at the moment, you have an ideal opportunity to repurpose it. 

Bonus rooms can be found tucked away over garages, in attics, or basements.  Though their layouts are sometimes challenging, a little smart planning can re-define the space, and turn your bonus room into one of the best places in your home.

Expect to pay at least $5,000, or as much as $20,000.

How to get started

If you're ready to move forwards with your plans, you will need to instruct a team to get your ideas in motion.  If your state building department does not require a Surveyor, Engineer, or Architect Stamp, then My Site Plan can help you.

My Site Plan is a team of highly experienced CAD designers who provide drafting services to anyone who needs a non-certified site plan but doesn't have the time or experience to draw one up.

Site plans can be provided within 24 hours, and their reliable service has helped countless clients to stay on schedule with their construction, landscaping, and other property improvement projects.

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Question Answer
What are the benefits of installing PV solar panels beyond energy savings? Installing PV solar panels can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable energy, thus contributing to environmental conservation.
How does a three-season room differ from a sunroom? A three-season room is similar to a sunroom but is typically not used year-round due to lack of insulation, making it uncomfortable during extreme winter and summer temperatures.
Are there specific regulations or permits required for building a second floor on a home? Yes, building a second floor usually requires various permits and adherence to local zoning regulations. It's important to consult with local building authorities to understand specific requirements.
What should be considered when converting a garage into a living space? Key considerations include ensuring proper insulation, installing suitable heating and ventilation systems, and potentially raising the floors to meet residential living standards.
How can adding a second bathroom increase a home's market value? Adding a second bathroom can make a home more attractive to potential buyers, particularly for larger families, thus potentially increasing its market value.
What are some design options for a 'spool' in a limited space? Spools can be customized in various shapes and sizes but generally remain small, making them ideal for intimate relaxation or aquatic exercise in confined yards.

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