2019 Building Permit Costs and Fees: Everything You Need To Know

2019 Building Permit Costs and Fees: Everything You Need To Know

The exciting parts of starting a building project usually involve creatively drafting ideas, brainstorming elements of the building, and getting creative with interior and exterior design.

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games. Your site plan will need to be very reflective of what you’re going to build so that you can submit it for a site permit.

Site permits are a real pain, but they’re a necessary part of starting a building project. Let’s look at what permit fees you can expect for just about any building project you’re planning so you can be better prepared.

What Exactly is a Building Permit?

A building or renovation permit is an official legal government-sanctioned document that builders are required to have before beginning legally sanctioned construction, renovation, or additions on a particular site or property.

Every jurisdiction in the United States (including states, counties, or cities) has varying requirements for issuing permits. Every jurisdiction also has different building codes and costs associated with issuing permits as well.

Essentially, an area’s zoning board will determine what a homeowner’s permit is for once the site owner or building company submit the site plan. Then, the proper costs and fees are paid, and the permit is issued. Once issued, construction can begin.

Unfortunately, the building permit process doesn’t end once the permit is issued. After construction is completed, a government inspector will visit the construction site in order to conduct a full inspection. This is done to make sure the building or renovation passes the relevant codes and does cost a fee to conduct.

Building Permit Costs in 2019

If you plan on starting a full structure project or remodeling your home, permits are very important requirements. They are designated by state and local governments to ensure that the safe building of the structure.


On average, a building permit for any single structure can range from $400 to $2,000. It’s not a cheap process-- but it’s a necessary one. Let’s take a look at some common building permit costs in 2019.

Building Permit Average Costs

Note that all of these costs include the maximum average. Depending on what area of the United States you live in, you may be paying less.

  • Building a New House: $2,000
  • Garage Conversion: $1,500
  • Bathroom:$2,000
  • Deck: $500 (In some areas, deck renovation won’t require a permit if the renovation is relatively minimal.)
  • Shed: $2,000 (In some areas, shed renovation won’t require a permit if the renovation is relatively minimal.)
  • Pergola: $2,000 (In some areas, pergola renovation won’t require a permit if the renovation is relatively minimal.)
  • Building Inspection: $500
  • Basement: $2,000
  • Electrical: $500
  • Roofing: $500
  • Fence: $60
  • Plumbing: $500
  • HVAC:$2,000
  • Construction:$2,000
  • Window: $600
  • Demolition: $200

Tools for Calculating Building Permit Costs

Luckily, there are a ton of excellent tools out there for calculating a more accurate number for your permit fees. A couple of great tools include:

  • ImproveNet - This tool involves simply entering in your ZIP code in order to see the national average, minimal costs, maximum cost, and average range of your specific county.
  • Permit Fee Calculator - This calculator projects your total permit fee for a specific project using information such as application type, project valuation, and other niche elements.

Residential vs. Commercial Permits

It’s important to know what classifies as a residential project and a commercial project before submitting the necessary paperwork.

Commercial buildings usually represent businesses. The requirements and permit approval processes are significantly more strict for such buildings. Because commercial buildings are open to the public, the fees for getting a permit and inspections are more expensive.

Residential buildings, on the other hand, represent homes or living spaces for families, residents, and individual members of the public. Usually, permit requirements and the approval process for permits are significantly less strict and usually operate on an individual basis. The required fees will depend heavily on individual county regulations, the location of the building, and the type of renovation or building that will take place.

Residential and commercial businesses are different; however, commercial buildings will need to apply for the same building permits as residential spaces, for any type of new construction or remodeling plan. Additional evaluation and inspection will apply to the total cost along with the general building permit fee. This fee is around 5% of the contract's total value in addition to building permit fees. Commercial buildings are subject to very rigorous inspection fees to comply with government regulations for safety. Residential buildings, on the other hand, are only required to pay county rates.

The best way to find an exact price for these fees would be to contact your local government during the site planning process.

Site Plans for Permits from MySitePlan

During the permit granting process, builders and contractors will need to provide their local government with a detailed and extremely accurate site plan in order to gain approval. Many builders look into third party companies and design firms to create these site plans, as these platforms typically feature a team of experienced artists, architects, and designers. We use public data and send the plan to the client to verify dimensions and mark any changes on the plan, which we update free of charge.

MySitePlan offers a variety of beautiful and accurate site plans that include buildings, interiors, landscapes, and more. Taking on the burden of a site plan can be quite a lot to deal with, especially if you’re drafting an extremely accurate plan for a building permit. Trust the professionals at MySitePlan to take on the task for you at a very affordable cost. Drafting a site plan has never been easier!

Was our guide to 2019 permit costs in 2019 useful? The conceptual and artistic side of site planning is what typically takes up most of an architect’s time. Still, it’s really important to be properly informed about what building permit costs are.

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