10 Best Shipping Container Home Plans

10 Best Shipping Container Home Plans

Don’t contain yourself! The container home market was valued at $51.3 billion in 2021. Container homes are eco-friendly, affordable, and stylish, and they will only get more popular as time passes. 

Yet there are dozens of shipping container plans you can choose from. What are the ten best shipping container home plans? Here is your guide to the top 10 we recommend. 

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1. Container Guest House by Poteet Architects

The Container Guest House by Poteet Architects creates a studio-style one-bedroom home or an Accessory Dwelling Unit. You can use an 8x20-foot container with bamboo plywood to build the home. The house contains a bathroom, deck area, and living space. 

You can design the interior however you want. The property has a large window wall to let natural light in, but you can connect the building to electricity and hang lights from the ceiling and walls. You can use part of the home as a shed, storage area, or additional bedroom. 

2. The Bachelor(ette) by Custom Containers

The Bachelor(ette) by Custom Containers is another one-bedroom structure. The Bachelor(ette) contains more space and features than the Container Guest House, with fewer windows. You can fit an armchair or small sofa next to a twin-sized bed. 

You have enough space for a galley kitchen, though you should plan out what you will put in it. You can fit a sink, refrigerator, and countertop, and you may be able to install a small stove. You can place a bathroom off to the side with a shower, small sink, and toilet. The Bachelor(ette) only contains a little space for storage. 

3. Empty Nester by Custom Container Living

The Empty Nester covers 320 square feet and contains two bedrooms. One of the bedrooms is in the loft area, while the other is in its own room at the end of the house. If you prefer to have the loft area open, you can remove the second bed and use the loft as a living area or small bathroom

The Empty Nester has enough space for a full kitchen and dining room. If you want a work area, you can set up a chair or stool with a table. A couple or a small family can live in the building, especially if you use the second bedroom.

4. Family Matters 2 Bedroom by Custom Container Living

The Family Matters 2 Bedroom is one of the best shipping container home plans for small families. The building is made from four containers, providing 960 square feet of space. It has two full bedrooms with walk-in closets, and the main bedroom has an en suite.

a main bedroom

The floor plan is customizable. You can place a dining room and living room in the middle of your home. You can create a separate office space or a storage area as well. 

5. 4 X 40 c-Home by LOT-EK

LOT-EK’s 4 X 40 c-Home is made from four 40-foot shipping containers. The property has two levels with an open layout on each floor, giving you options for customization. You can have a large kitchen, living space, and two bedrooms. The bedrooms have en suites, stair accesses, and walk-in closets. Both bedrooms are on the second floor, so you can use the first floor as a full living and dining area. 

You can have two decks in your home. You can use one of them as a garden or outside storage space and the other as a dining and entertainment space. 

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6. Family Matters 3 Bedroom by Custom Container Living

The Family Matters 3 Bedroom is a variation of the Family Matters 2 Bedroom, adding an additional bedroom and other features. The home has an open-concept floor plan, giving the living and dining areas more space. You can add a couch or desk and turn a small area into a work or office space. 

The primary bedroom contains an en suite that can store clothes, heirlooms, and documents. The two other bedrooms are smaller but have closets for storage. You can install racks to hang up coats and formal attire. 

7. HO5+ by Honomobo

The HO5+ by Honomobo is one of the most luxurious shipping container home plans. The home contains three bedrooms, one of which has an en-suite. The center of the property comprises a den or storage area with two access points. 

The living and dining rooms are open-concept spaces, so you can install any furniture you want. The kitchen contains an island for serving, cooking, and eating. Your home can have a staircase that leads to an attached garage or basement, though you don’t need to have this area. If you need a spare bedroom, you can convert the garage into a primary bedroom. 

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8. 4 Bedroom Container Home by AustralianHousePlans

The 4 Bedroom Container Home has three 40-foot containers placed apart from each other. Roofs connect the containers, creating breezeways you can turn into alfresco living areas or decks. The left and right containers each have two bedrooms, and the middle container has a family area, lounge, and kitchen. You can also put a laundry room with a laundry machine and dryer in the central space.

This concept is best for families with teenagers or older children who need more space. You can rent one part out to someone and use the other two for yourself as well. 

9. 4 Bedroom Sanctuary by Ecoliv

solar panels on a roof

Ecoliv’s 4 Bedroom Sanctuary is one of the most environmentally friendly shipping container home plans. The property contains sustainable features like a solar power electric system and a 10,000-liter water tank. Floors include Tasmanian oak, which has a minimal impact on the environment. 

You can choose from a few different design styles and floor plans. You can have two separate dining areas, a living room, an office space, and two full bathrooms. 

10. The Lindendale by Container Build Group

The Lindendale is a five-bedroom property with an industrial style. The home plan preserves the original locks and surfaces of your containers and pairs them with metal railings. You can paint the exterior any colors you want, though most people prefer dark brown or black. 

The exterior has a spacious covered patio and an area for a pool, garden, or meditation space. The interior has open living rooms and family areas you can add electronics, artwork, and furniture to. 

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