10 Things Your Remodeling Contractor Wants You to Know

10 Things Your Remodeling Contractor Wants You to Know

Remodeling contractors are the backbone of any successful home remodel. They organize your space into something that's not only usable but also comfortable and aesthetically pleasing!

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Few homeowners can do it all, which is why experts like us step in to help you organize and complete your project successfully! Remodels typically require extensive coordination between homeowners, builders/designers who draw up blueprints before construction begins on-site, and electricians for installing wiring.

Remodeling contractors hear more than their share of complaints on online contractor referral sites. However, the vast majority are sincere folks just trying their best but want you to know these ten things.

They Prefer to Work With Their Inner Network

The contractor has go-to people, and he's got a backup plan just in case. Almost as important is that this person knows who not to work with when things get complicated on the job site or when there are problems during construction. The remodeling pro also keeps tabs of potential problem contractors from years past, so you don't have anything unexpected come up later down the road like leaks.

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The contractor will be working with someone that they have an established relationship with. Second, hiring a family member would deprive work from a group of subcontractors that already have an established working relationship and often work better together.

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Contractors Don't Like Reusing Your Old Materials

You love the old-fashioned knotty pine cabinets from 1952. You ask your contractor to pull them out with their refurbishing skills for you! So vintage, so romantic.

Leaded glass windows look great on display as art pieces but can't really do much else. But often, contractors won't. One problem is that they may hold up well in place but fall apart upon removal - even if just because there are too many cracks or breaks at spots where paint has worn away over time. Wood floorings cannot be easily removed either; it's only option would then become sanding off some layers until enough material was exposed before removing any remaining nail heads.

If you want to reuse old items, know the full implications and costs involved. Rather than being a money-saver, old items can add more cost than expected because of regulations. Often, these will need to be followed up on or inspections after installing reused products into new construction projects; your contractor should help explain what cannot be reused legally because this could save time in finding another solution with less red tape attached!

Contractors Value Their People

Engineers Looking at Blueprint


Contractors have a greater allegiance to their people than ever before. They live and die with the reputation of being an honest businessman, or they'll find themselves jobless in this tough economy where word-of-mouth is king! 

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A client's value can easily become lost among all those referrals from satisfied customers who will gladly share your business across town just because you're worth it. However, as valuable as that might be, few things are more important than having relationships built up over time with tradespeople who know what kind of project someone needs and how to do it the right way.

Contractors Don't Want to Add on Extra Work to Projects

When a homeowner suspects that the contractor is trying to underbid their project, they might be convinced by looking at how much finishing work needs to be done.

In a perfect world, contractors would love to have all the intended work itemized on their contracts. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible - walls can be discovered crumbly when they should have been solid. Or foundations can sometimes be worse than expected. Furthermore, these changes exist nonetheless because it's normal business when remodeling houses. 

Contractors Want You to Shop Around for Your Ideal Contractor

It's a beautiful thing when a client says they've found the perfect company for their project. That means there was plenty of research, and you were at least considered in that search! It also shows dedication- not just to yourself but how confident someone is with your craft.

No one wants second thoughts after everything has been agreed upon - especially if things don't go exactly as planned because then we're right back where we started from having wasted time on an unnecessary backup plan. 

Contractors Can Help With Permits but Cannot Change Laws

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You may run across a scenario where the homeowner wants special provisions: "I want an addition on my land, but with no receptacles or windows in the basement. Can you get that permit?"

Likely not.

Contractors can have good relationships with the permit office because they don't try to bend rules that are not meant for them. A contractor might jeopardize their standing to get things done.

The contractor has an established rapport over time, so asking too much of them could result in fines rather than just ruining all chances of getting business going again after being banned by said building officials!

The Fee Is Exactly What it is

You might be wondering how to save money on remodeling. You're not alone! But don't worry - there are ways contractors can help you trim those costs and avoid the high fees associated with traditional quotes or estimates that charge additional hidden service charges (e.g., installation, job-site supervision). The best way is by working together as an ally; this will let them know exactly where their expertise begins.

They Want to Do Business

As a contractor, it is important to have ongoing connections with clients. This means that they need you to trust them. Especially during, economic crisis

When people are considering which remodeling contractor they want to hire they are often drawn by their level of professionalism, previous project results, referrals from friends, family, colleagues, etc. So contractors are not going to screw over their clients. 

They Want You out of the House

When the contractor arrives to remodel your house, they want you out of harm's way. The more space there is around them and their equipment, the better for everyone involved!

Contractors Want to Work With Perfectionists

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You think that contractors are more likely to work with someone who is a perfectionist because they're not going to complain the entire time when the contractor is trying to fix something. The contractor also has less stress in dealing with someone who is a perfectionist because they know what they want and will be specific about it.

Do not be bashful about expressing your opinion. While no contractor likes dealing with a demanding client, they want to address conflicts as soon as possible, before the job is done. Resentments that grow and turn into lawsuits do everyone a favor by avoiding them.

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