12 Best Floor Plan Software of 2021

12 Best Floor Plan Software of 2021

Floor plans are used to effectively illustrate how a specific area of space is laid out and relates to other aspects of the room in terms of the walls, fixtures, and furniture.

It's a great way of illustrating the way a space will look.

Architects, builders, and even real estate agents use floor plan software to help design and showcase floor plan concepts to their clients. Today's floor planning software is advanced enough to build 3D rendered models. With 3D rendered models, one can walk through to get as close to a realistic view of what space may look like after development.

There are many different types of floor plan software out there, but here are some of the best floor plan software that you can use in 2021:

1. SketchUp

Image of pencil and floor plan for best floor plan software


Does it have a free trial? Yes

Lowest priced plan: $119 / yr for SketchUp Shop

SketchUp is famous for its intuitive ease of use.

It’s a 3D design tool that can help draft floor plans and model 3D versions to help visualize how a space may look from different viewpoints.

It supports the importing of reference images and documents that can paint a holistic picture of a given space.  Moreover, it can incorporate light rendering to help demonstrate a more photorealistic feel to the 3D model and image exports.

SketchUp comes with a 3D object warehouse that helps make it easy to develop floor plans and 3D models quickly. It also has integration capabilities, cloud storage, and mobile viewing - all making it a great versatile tool.

Why buy?

SketchUp is a fully stacked tool that’s suitable for novice casual users and professionals. If 3D modeling is a must, then this tool is the perfect choice compared to alternatives. 

2. Autodesk Civil 3D


Does it have a free trial? Yes

Lowest priced plan: $ 2,205 / year

Autodesk's Civil 3D is primarily designed for professionals and widely used in construction companies to develop civil engineering design blueprints.

However, the tool is also useful for developing floor plants and rendering them into 3D models. It's a great tool if the core output isn't detailed floor plans, but one needs to support a more intricate blueprint for architects and construction firms to use.

The tool can help with drafting and annotation. It's useful in a myriad of analyses, such as elevation surveying and geospatial analysis.

Autodesk Civil 3D was designed with professionals in mind and boasts strong integration capabilities with best-in-class tools such as Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, and other AutoDesk products.

Why buy?

If one’s already a user of other AutoDesk software, then Civil 3D is worth the purchase for the seamless integration it offers. It’s a great tool if the output requires transferring over models and designs between different software. Else, a cheaper alternative is suitable for creating floor plans. 

3. AutoCAD Architecture

Image of floor plan for best floor plan software


Does it have a free trial? Yes

Lowest priced plan: $2,100 / year

AutoCAD Architecture is a purpose-built tool in the AutoCAD suite to help architects and other professionals render realistic objects into their floor plans.

This helps them create more realistic floor plans that can be rendered in 3D to determine the spatial composition of a space.

The tool comes with a standard set of features such as documentation and annotation functionality. It also boasts an extensive object database (doors, walls, windows, furniture, etc.) that allows one to create realistic renders. Moreover, there are different styles and palettes one can use, and it supports the import of Revit grids to aid in modeling.

Why buy?

AutoCAD’s Architecture tool is a suitable investment due to its targeted development for architects to use. It also integrates smoothly with the rest of the AutoCAD suite of tools which is useful for professionals. The only downside to this tool is the hefty price tag, and it’s better value for architects. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives if one’s looking for basic floor plan software.

4. SmartDraw


Does it have a free trial? Yes

Lowest priced plan: $119.40 / year for one user.

SmartDraw isn’t top-of-mind when it comes to a floor planning software. As a flow chart tool, however, it can double as a useful and inexpensive way to create easily shareable floor plans.

SmartDraw’s ready-to-use diagram templates can be used to create simple floor plans. It allows the use of architectural design symbols to make the process easy. The tool operates on a simple drag and drop interface and automatically scales room dimensions. Moreover, one can easily export to common software platforms such as Microsoft Word, Visio, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

Why buy?

The perk to SmartDraw lies in it’s a multi-functional tool. It can do both floor planning and various other diagrams, such as flow charts, organizational charts, and process maps. What it lacks is integration capabilities with professional tools such as AutoCAD that makes it limited in its functionality when it comes to professional use.

5. Sweet Home 3D

Image of floor plan for best floor plan software


Does it have a free trial? Yes, there’s a free version available to download with fewer pieces of furniture and textures than the paid version.

Lowest price: $13.99

Sweet Home 3D is the cheapest option in this list and can be downloaded or used in a web browser.

It allows one to develop floor plans and render them in 3D for a more realistic representation. The tool isn’t popular with professionals due to its limited capability, but for a user looking to develop a 2D floor plan quickly, it can be more than enough.

Sweet Home 3D also comes with a searchable library of objects such as various furniture, and the ability to annotate floor plans. It also allows for customization, such as color, texture, size, etc. One can even control lighting to develop photorealistic images and videos of the 3D rendered floor plan.

Why buy?

If integration with tools such as AutoDesk or AutoCAD isn’t important, then Sweet Home 3D is worth considering. The software is inexpensive and features a wide range of houses. The tool does the job very well and is a great budget pick for anyone looking for a floor plan tool without many bells and whistles.

6. Floorplanner


Does it have a free trial? Yes

Lowest priced plan: Free pay-as-you-go plan, or $299 / year for their Pro version.

Floorplanner is a great tool to generate 2D and 3D floor plans online and share with collaborators easily.

An intuitive drag and drop interface, coupled with an expansive library of furniture images allows one to build out a floor plan quickly. The tool also comes with an ‘auto-furnish’ feature than can populate a floor plan with designated rooms automatically.

The tool can do 360-degree VR walkthroughs, and output photorealistic renders of the space. Think of it as a version of AutoCAD for the masses with a much easier learning curve.

The free version doesn’t allow collaborators and outputs images at a lower resolution; however, all other functions can be accessed. This makes it a great choice if one’s not looking to pay to develop a floor plan.

Why buy?

Built on the cloud makes this tool great for use on multiple platforms. It’s easy to use and has an easy learning curve to utilize all its features. The one-click furnishing feature and ability to generate walkthroughs of the space make it a fantastic tool that even professionals can use for amateurs and professionals alike. 

7. CAD Logic’s Draft it Systems

Image of floor plan for best floor plan software


Does it have a free trial? Yes - 15 days, and there’s a lite feature version available for free.

Lowest priced plan: $25

CAD Logic’s Draft It is a powerhouse of a 2D CAD drawing tool with the ability to develop 3D models. It works end to end and is designed for architects looking to draft, detail, and render 3D models with supporting 2D blueprints.

It has many drawing and editing features with the ability to import existing AutoCAD files and external design components or symbols. The tool itself also boasts a comprehensive object library for use, and the Plus version comes with many pre-installed and regularly updated set of templates that help speed up the floor planning process.

Why buy?

Draft it is a floor planning tool that’s great depending on the use-case. It may not fit everyone’s needs as it's not the most versatile tool on this list. However, it is much more affordable and has a free version, which is good enough for basic floor planning uses

8. RoomSketcher


Does it have a free trial? Yes, and comes with a Free option

Lowest priced plan: $49 / year

RoomSketcher is a purpose-built floor plan and home designing tool. It boasts a large furniture and fixture library to tap into when developing designs. The software comes with measurement tools and the ability to make annotations as needed.

The tool can also develop 3D renders and can output 360-degree photos and interactive 3D walkthroughs for presentation purposes. It allows for exporting of its designs and plans to various formats, and one can even add in their business branding on the exports.

Why buy?

RoomSketcher is a great tool for its ease-of-use and jam-packed features. It’s a well-rounded tool that will cater to nearly all conceivable personal use-cases. Moreover, it’s a perfect solution for those needing a tool that can export high-quality renders with business branding to show clients

9. Roomle

Image of woman putting up floor plan for best floor plan software


Does it have a free trial? No

Lowest priced plan: Custom Pricing

Roomle’s suite of software covers various digital and 3D rendering use-cases. It’s 2D and 3D floor planner solution is great for delivering extremely high-quality floorplans and supporting 3D renders that are photorealistic in quality. It’s a tool that’s a favorite among real estate agents and interior designers due to this high-quality output compared to other brands.

The software has an extensive 3D product image database a user can draw from when building their interiors and comes with the ability to offer AR and VR walkthroughs. It is supported on both mobile and desktop devices and allows easy sharing and collaboration with others. One can also create custom online portals with their business branding for clients to access and view hosted floor plans, and 3D renders.

Why buy?

When it comes to aesthetically appealing floor plan 2D and 3D designs, coupled with cross-platform use - Roomle’s solution takes the cake. It’s perfect for any ‘sales setting’ such as those employed by real estate agents or designers looking to close the deal.

10. PlanningWiz Floor Planner


Does it have a free trial? Yes

Lowest priced plan: Free with limited features, Custom pricing for industry plans.

PlanningWiz is primarily a floor design services company that helps with developing floor designs using their in-house team.

However, it also offers a floor planning tool to help develop 2D plans. The unique value of PlanningWiz is it has specifically built templates and features for different industries.

It’s a tailored solution to floor plan designers in each industry. This means it has a large database of objects (doors, furniture, walls, etc.) specific to each industry. It can be invaluable if one works in a less common niche. The tool comes with an easy to use drag and drop interface and can import one’s own set of photos or objects.

Why buy?

PlanningWiz is great for rapid design development, and it’s a perfect solution for anyone looking for industry-specific templates. The tool may not be as polished as others in this list, but it’s worth using if one needs blueprints developed unique to a specific industry floor plan.

Looking for something better than floor plan software? Take a look at the floor plan services we provide here at My Site Plan and get your custom quote today!

11. Live Home 3D


Does it have a free trial? Both a free version and a free trial of paid plans are offered. 

Lowest priced plan: Paid plans start at $19.99/one-time payment.

Live Home 3D for iOS/iPadOS, macOS, and Windows was developed to get the most out of the operating system you use to utilize the latest native platform technologies. The Live Home 3D app makes it easy for anyone to create detailed floorplans and even furnish a room or entire house from an easily navigable iPhone or computer app. 

Why buy? 

Live Home 3D is incredibly accessible to the average non-professional and packaged in an easy-to-use app. However, the software is powerful enough to be used in a professional capacity as well. The app offers detailed interior-design tools to customize your layout with countless furniture items and an extensive color-palette to get each room just how you want it. Designing with Live Home 3D is fun and less of a chore than more austere programs. 

12. Homestyler 


Does it have a free trial? There is a free-to-use version of the software. 

Lowest priced plan: Pro plans start at $19.90/month. 

Homestyler features 4k graphic design tools to visualize your 2D or 3D floorplan in all its glory. Do a virtual walkthrough to experience your design in photorealistic renders for an immersive experience. The platform also includes an enormous furniture library to help you get an excellent feel for the space you create. Every aspect of the room, from the paint on the walls, the type of windows, and the color of the furniture, is customizable. 

Why buy? 

Many professionals consider Homestyler the most user-friendly interior design app on the market today. Nearly all the features of the app are available for free, including the Ultra HD photorealistic renders. It's easy to use and chock-full of cool features to help users make their designs their own. 


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