Site Plans for a Demolition Permits

Different local authorities define demolition work differently. However, demolition work mainly involves the dismantling of a structure. Partial dismantlement of a structure might also be considered demolition if it involves load-bearing parts that are critical to the structure’s physical integrity.

Demolition is often recognized as high-risk construction work, so work and safety regulations in your area may require you to notify local building authorities and get a demolition permit.

Some examples of demolition work that typically requires a permit include:

  • Demolition with explosives
  • Demolition of buildings whose footing extends below that of adjacent structures
  • Demolition of buildings that rise beyond a specified height

Why Do You Need a Site Plan for Demolition Permit?

In some cities and states, demolition is tightly regulated. Most governing authorities will not grant a demolish permit unless they are convinced that the demolition work is safe and that demolishing the structure won’t adversely affect the integrity and safety of other adjacent structures.

MySitePlan can provide a professionally-created demolition site plan that clearly shows what will be demolished. The site plan can include all the relevant details of the nearby buildings, landscaping features, and easements, among many other property features.

Why Get Site Plans from My Site Plan?

We have a skilled team of AutoCAD designers that stop at nothing to ensure you get a site plan that will be approved without any problem.

Our site plans:

  • Have been accepted by building authorities across the country
  • Can provide an accurate representation of your property and any necessary adjacent structures
  • Come with a guarantee that they’ll be accepted by your building authority unless a stamp is required from an engineer, surveyor, or architect

How to Get a Site Plan for a Demolition Permit

While we promise to get your site plan ready in the shortest time possible, we highly recommend that you do some due diligence before reaching out to us.

Get in touch with the authority in charge of demolitions in your area. Find out what the requirements are for a demolition permit, including what details you need us to include in your site plan. Also, check if they require a stamp from an engineer, surveyor, or architect.

Once you’ve done all that, visit our site, select a pricing plan, and tell us what you need. You can trust us to deliver an expert-level site plan within 24 hours.