Top 10 Small Bathroom Layout Ideas

Top 10 Small Bathroom Layout Ideas

Having a small bathroom doesn't have to be a pain! We don't usually have too much space to work with for our bathrooms. In fact, the average bathroom size ranges from a mere 20 square feet all the way to 140 plus square feet! The size of bathrooms has doubled since the 1950s, and most have also undergone major renovations -- no more green toilets! 

Bathrooms can range from half baths containing only a sink and toilet to double master bathrooms, which often house two sinks, a toilet, a shower, and even a tub or a jacuzzi. This guide will tell you how to maximize best the space of the smaller bathroom in your house. Read on to find out the ten best layouts for small bathrooms! 

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1) Bold and Bright Design - Restricting your small bathroom to a palette of whites or greys can have the opposite effect of creating an open environment. Introducing an exotic color palette with bold, bright, and beautiful colors like turquoise, sea green, and orange can make for much more fun and interesting space. These colors will lighten your room while distracting from the fact that you don't have a larger room to work with. Colorful wallpapers can also spruce up your commode with serious flair. Check out these modern wallpaper options to spice things up!

2) Small and Cute Fixtures - Unfortunately, you likely won't have room in your space for large bathroom fixtures. But that's ok! Instead of impinging on the space with an overgrown sink, opt for a petite vintage-style sink that can add so much more to your look. A sink that looks like it came from the jazz age will be sure to make guests smile. You can take this principle and apply it to the rest of your bathroom to free up space and add flair and character that will make you not want to give up your tiny bath for anything. 

3) Create a Mini Oasis - Your bathroom should afford you an area to relax and unwind no matter what size it is! Use bright colors, plants, and natural light to make your space as airy as possible. Gold accents and other fanciful features will transform your mini bathroom into your happy place you won't want to leave. Think about incorporating succulents on your countertops or sill, eucalyptus to hang from your showerhead, ferns, and other plants for a tropical paradise feel!

4) Choose Your Tile Wisely - Bathroom tile can add so much character to a space. Patterns are perfect for smaller bathrooms as they work to expand the space in your mind. Intricate tile can be the antidote to a boring bathroom and give you something to look at when brushing your teeth! Try a modern spin on the classic checkerboard tile pattern or go for a more exotic flowery pattern. Conversely, you can go for a simpler plain tile pattern or a completely solid polished concrete flooring option that can look sophisticated as well. 

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5) Go All Out! - The best part of having a smaller bathroom is that you have less space to spend money on, enabling you to spend more on less! You can now afford to buy the perfect sink with copper handles and basin or install a skylight -- the sky is the limit. Consider a fancy mirror accented with copper or gold coloring to add some serious swag to the wall. You can choose the best soap dispensers, towel hangers, lighting fixtures, and anything else you want now that you have a lower maintenance space to work with. 

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6) Keep Out Clutter - Since you have a small bathroom, you don't want to make it any smaller by cluttering the space with a too-busy countertop or towels all over the place. It is important to keep a neat and organized space. Consider storing your essentials in a bag or basket in any available cabinets. Find other places to store cleaning supplies and maximize your bathroom storage for the essentials. 

7) Glamorous Glass - Glass provides a level of airiness that can make your bathroom feel twice as big! If you have the option to go for a glass walk-in shower door, do it! Glass keeps things open by letting you see your entire bathroom and lets light penetrate to every area. This is especially helpful if your window is on the other side of your shower door, which is a common design. 

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8) Make the Most of Shelving - You can free up a huge amount of counter space by installing a set of floating shelves in your bathroom. Shelves help to keep everything organized while displaying your toiletries nicely. Accent pieces like solid wood shelves can make a bombshell impression, especially when they have metallic hardware! Make sure your shelving choice doesn't jut out or constrict any space. It is a great idea to keep your most-used toiletries in a bag on the shelf or under the vanity to keep them out of the way, making for an even more zen-like space. 

9) Take Out the Swinging Door - If you are designing a small bathroom from scratch, you can have other door options that don't take up space by swinging inward. Doors that slide into the wall are a smart option to maximize space and turn your bathroom into a true water closet. 

10) Curves Over Corners - Imagine having a curved sink and vanity that makes the most of a bathroom corner. This is a unique way to unlock space in an otherwise cramped space. Adding a curved corner cabinet is also the perfect way to load up on storage space in a tiny area. 

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Now that you know these amazing tips to fall in love with your small bathroom area, you can get to work designing your perfect layout. If you are in the process of creating an addition or entire home from scratch, My Site Plan can draw the ideal plans for your dream to come true!

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