The Best Plants To Have Around Your Pool This Summer

The Best Plants To Have Around Your Pool This Summer

After building your pool, you need a few plants to give it an incredible landscape. With poolside landscaping, you can find the right plants to boost the look of your space. These plants should be able to handle high humidity levels and splashes of pool chemicals. Look at these plants you want around your pool for the summer.

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What Plants Look Good Next To the Pool?

When choosing plants for your pool, you need to select hardy choices for that space. Here are some of the ideal options for your swimming pool area. 

Banana Tree

If you live in a frost-free environment, consider the banana tree. These options will instantly transform your space into a tropical paradise. Banana trees are fast-growing with long, broad leaves. You want to plant them in a spot free from heavy winds. The banana tree requires full sunshine and well-draining soil.

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Hawaiian Hibiscus

You can find the right hibiscus for your pool area with names like the Crown of Bohemia, Kona Princess, and Flamenco Flame. If you live in a colder area, make sure to plant the hibiscus in containers so that you bring them in the winter. Hibiscus comes in various colors, such as orange, yellow, peach, purple, red, pink, and white. They can adapt to full shade or bright sunshine. Remember that the hibiscus has heavy watering needs and must be planted in a loamy soil. 

Bird of Paradise

close up of a birds of paradise plant

If you want to create a tropical oasis, the bird of paradise is the perfect option. This plant looks similar to a banana plant, featuring an upright growth habit. The bird of paradise needs to be sheltered from strong winds, or the leaves could rip away from the plant. These plants can be grown inside and placed outside during summer. Birds of paradise are great for a poolscape since they can handle moderate amounts of splashing. 

Zebra Grass

Along with trees and flowers, you should consider a few ornamental grasses. Zebra grass will look great next to your pool area. These grades are not messy, grow quickly, and blend well with other elements. Zebra grass will give your pool space an exotic look without too much maintenance from you. It is an excellent choice for those tropical spaces. 


You need something to soften those spaces when you have harsh concrete areas. These succulent perennials are from Mexico and feel like a cross between velvet and felt. The Echeveria are drought-tolerant and are a good choice for rock gardens. Use these plants near a spa or pool. You can even mix these succulents with a few ornamental grasses. Under the right conditions, you can grow them into a hedge. 

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Kangaroo Paw

Hailing from Australia, the Kangaroo Paw is a graceful and slim plant. The leaves' flowers resemble kangaroo paws, hence the name. These perennials come in many colors, including yellow, reds, golds, and dark greens.

Martha Washington Geranium

close up of a purple Geranium

For those who want color from the spring to the fall, choose the Martha Washington geranium. These flowers look like exotic orchids or tropical flowers. They don't require much sun, and you can get them in pinks, violet, lavender, white, red, and fuschia. The Martha Washington geranium is guaranteed to bring a boost of color to your outdoor spaces. 


Another excellent option from Australia is the protea. These flowers are prickly to the touch but are long-lasting and hardy. You can blend them with cannas, hibiscus, and palms. With that, you will have a tropical paradise. Proteas can be grown in nutrient-poor and rocky areas. These flowers come in various colors, like orange, green, yellow, red, and white. 

Staghorn Fern

You can find staghorn fern in most tropical regions. This staghorn will grow on bark or wood slabs. This scene-stealing plant is the best choice for your pool area if you have space that gets filtered sunlight. 


Schefflars are native to Hawaii and Australia but can be found in Florida and California. These plants perform well in moist, well-draining soil. You can find them in several colors, including red, pink, or white. They pair perfectly with cannas, hibiscus, and bromeliads. 


Beautiful Purple Petaled Flower

If your pool gets full sun, you should consider hydrangeas. These plants love the sun, and they will bring a bit of color to your concrete spaces. Keep these plants in large containers to enjoy their beauty throughout the year. 

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What Should You Not Plant Around a Pool?

When planning the landscaping around your pool, you don't want to choose elements with thick roots. When they grow, they can work their way around the pool and cause damage to your spaces. You can place many of these plants in a container. If that is not possible, the above options have smaller roots that will not cause any damage. 

How Do You Landscape a Pool on a Budget?

When landscaping on a budget, you can start small. You don't have to buy everything on your list. Stick to those items that will significantly impact your space without breaking the bank. 

Can a Site Plan Help? 

When you need to figure out the landscaping for your pool area, a site plan can be a big help. With these plans, you can see the best places for them in your existing space before you break any ground. At My Site Plan, we can create these plans for your pool areas and other spaces. 

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FAQ Answer
What type of soil is best for poolside plants? Most poolside plants, like banana trees and Hawaiian hibiscus, require well-draining soil. Some, like the hibiscus, prefer loamy soil, while others like proteas thrive in nutrient-poor and rocky areas.
Are there any poolside plants that require minimal watering? Echeveria are drought-tolerant and require minimal watering, making them suitable for areas around the pool where water conservation is a priority.
Which poolside plants can also be grown indoors? Birds of paradise and Hawaiian hibiscus can be grown indoors. Hibiscus should be planted in containers for easy indoor transfer during colder months.
What are the sunlight requirements for the suggested poolside plants? Plants like the banana tree require full sunshine, while Martha Washington geraniums do well in less sunny spots. Some plants like hibiscus are adaptable and can thrive in full shade or bright sunshine.
How can I protect poolside plants from wind damage? Planting in sheltered locations or using structures to block the wind can help protect sensitive plants like the bird of paradise and banana tree from wind damage.
Can pool chemicals damage these recommended plants? While the article suggests that these plants can handle moderate splashes, it's generally advisable to rinse off any pool chemicals that splash onto the plants to prevent potential damage.

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