Benefits of Having an Asphalt Driveway

Benefits of Having an Asphalt Driveway

Paving a driveway can be an expensive project. In America, homeowners spend millions every year on paving driveways and other projects for their properties. 

Asphalt always comes in at the top of popular paving material for residential driveways and, of course, roads and highways. 

Asphalt comes with a variety of benefits that make it the perfect choice for creating driveways and providing a surface for other projects. 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about choosing asphalt as your material of choice for your driveway. 

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Quick Installation 

Having a faster installation time makes a big difference to many homeowners who live in areas that provide a short window of time for home improvement due to weather concerns. Asphalt is the best material to have a completely functioning driveway in just a day or two

By comparison, concrete driveways take a great deal longer to construct, and they take about a week longer to cure before they are driveable. With an asphalt surface, you can park and drive on it safely within two days. If having a short turnaround in planning your ideal driveway is important to you, asphalt is the best choice!

Less Expensive

Asphalt presents a much lower cost than other alternative paving methods such as brick or concrete. This is part of the reason it is so popular to pave thousands of miles of highway. Just because they present a more cost-effective option doesn't mean that you are sacrificing quality. Both the materials for your project and the labor costs will be lower because it won't take as long to put in. 


Durability is a huge factor to many homeowners, especially if they live in a more unforgiving place when it comes to weather. Frequent use, rain, snow, and sun all affect paved surfaces, so it is important that it stand the test of time. 

If installed incorrectly, concrete is prone to flaking and cracking, leading to expensive fixes. Asphalt is more durable, flexible, and easier to lay, making it a lower maintenance option. 

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Clean Appearance

Asphalt is actually the paving material of choice for aesthetics for many people, even over concrete. The smooth black surface can look much better than gravel, dirt, or poorly laid brick pavers. 

Asphalt can give off a warm, homey feel, unlike lighter colored concrete. However, asphalt driveways can come with other finishes that can change your driveway's look and feel. This is a perfect way for you to customize the presentation of your home. 

Many asphalt layers will also offer finishes for your driveway that include a slip-resistant material. This is perfect for areas that get a lot of rain and snow. 

Weather Resistant 

Continuing our last point, asphalt driveways are the perfect way to minimize the effects of inclement weather. 

The winter can be a very tough time for concrete and other materials. Snow and rain can quickly wear away at these surfaces that become brittle, especially when salt or other anti-ice materials are ground into them. 

Asphalt is much more resilient to inclement weather as the material is sturdier and won't flake or crack as easily. Asphalt also helps with the snow melting process as its darker surface helps heat the snow, making it a great choice for colder areas. 

Asphalt driveway on winter night

Low Maintenance

Asphalt's durability provides many benefits, one of them being much less maintenance required by homeowners and less costly repairs that can come with concrete and others. 

With asphalt drives, small weekly or monthly tasks will help you maximize the life of your driveway. As with any driveway, keep it swept to avoid abrasive dirt or gravel wearing the surface down. It is also good to have asphalt sealant applied every few years to keep a bonded and sturdy surface. 

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Easier to Repair 

Durable asphalt surfaces provide a much lower maintenance option for homeowners but may occasionally need a patch up for cracks or holes. 

Repairs to asphalt require little in the way of labor and materials. Many homeowners will tackle small driveway repairs on their own. These repairs will only take a couple of hours on average to complete. 

The dark surface coloration is beneficial once again to mask any repairs. The black color can also hide unsightly oil stains or other marks that plague concrete!

Time Tested

With proper maintenance and the basic sweeping and sealing tasks, an asphalt surface can last for a very long time without any problems. Asphalt driveways can last for about 12-20 years or longer without replacement! 

Other factors will influence this time, like the climate, maintenance, and how well the driveway was laid by installers. But, in general, you won't have to worry about replacing an asphalt drive for quite some time!

What Asphalt Type To Choose 

There are a variety of asphalt types that homeowners can choose from. When shopping around for the different options, take the following into consideration: 

  • Hot-mix Asphalt - This type of asphalt is perfect for speedy paving and is one of the best options to bear the brunt of freezing and inclement weather. 
  • Warm-mix Asphalt - This option will mix asphalt at lower temperatures, which reduces emissions. This is a good choice for eco-conscious homeowners who still want a durable asphalt driveway. 
  • Porous Asphalt - Porous asphalt is the least expensive option and provides a still-durable surface that is ideal for rustic homes or those who need to pave long areas
  • Perpetual Pavement - Perpetual pavement uses multiple layers to provide a superior surface that is even more resistant to time, weather, and wear. 

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Asphalt driveway leading to house

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